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Quick Heal Total Security 2018 is the ultimate tool for providing complete protection package for your computer system. Through its advanced features you can use different techniques for keeping your files, folders, Emails and internet browsing secure and can enforce Parental Controls when your children are using PC. It can save you from virus and other malware, offers security by the use of Firewall and blocks pop-up ads that are the major reason behind affecting systems as they often contain spyware or hijacking tools. Furthermore, Secure Banking can be done with protection of financial information.

Are you looking for a high quality anti-virus tool that will offer comprehensive protection to your system? If yes, consider buying quick heal total security. It is a cutting edge software application that comes with some of the best features. Firstly, the software ensures smooth Internet surfing by blocking unwanted adware when you are searching the World Wide Web. Quick heal scans your PC and eliminates viruses that are already present in the system. With encrypted browsing, the software lets you carry out secure online banking and other financial transactions including shopping and investments. You don’t need to worry about your financial data when using your debit/credit card and other financial assets online. Enhanced features of the software include spyware, keyloggers and malware blockage allowing you relief from all sorts of viruses and Trojans whether you are offline or online. In case you are suspicious about the Internet activities of your kids, you can manage and control your children’s accessibility to PC through quick heal’s parental control feature.

File and Folder Protection:
You can scan all or particular files and folders from your system memory. When a virus is found, it is your choice to repair, delete or leave it. This scanning helps you check for viruses and allows you to create backup before taking an action against detected malware. Through Advance DNAScan, you can block new threats by detection of their behavior. Its other features include blocking of suspicious packed files, Automatic Rogueware scan, Anti-key logger, Screen Locker protection and exclusion of files and folders from scanning process.

Email Security:
Quick Heal Total Security helps you keep your incoming and outgoing Emails protected from harmful content and performs scan for checking the same. Before opening the Emails, you can check for virus and either repair or delete them in case any malware is found. Moreover, attachments present in the mails can be controlled to ensure your computer remains safe from spyware or virus and you can block spam, phishing and porn mails. You can add only trusted clients in the Protection List so that you will not receive unsafe Emails from any other users.

Web Security:
When computer is connected to a network or internet, it becomes more vulnerable to threats. Therefore, Quick Heal Total Security provides you with Firewall for protection of computer from network threats. You can browse safely as it blocks the website that you are trying to browse if it finds it unsafe. You can also enable protection of PC from malware, spyware, adware, riskware, keyloggers and phishing websites. Its IPS/IDS tool can efficiently block attempts of intrusion by hackers.

Secure Banking:
Now you can make your online transactions secure by the use of Quick Heal Total Security. You can enable protection against DNS attacks for accurate results and can switch to Safe Banking Desktop for keeping your banking and E-Commerce activities private from hackers. It helps you protect your confidential financial information from phishing or fraudulent websites by generating warning whenever it detects a threat.

Quick Heal Total Security is effective software for keeping your computer safe from attacks via internet or network to which your PC is connected. You can safely browse various websites, send and receive Emails without any worries, carry out online banking by keeping your information secure, apply parental controls and can enable protection against malware on your PC. With all these features in a single tool, it surely is a great computer application that you should give a try.



  • Silent Mode
  • Advanced DNAScan.
  • USB Drive Protection.


  • Firewall failed some very basic tests.


Web Protection. - 9.5
Firewall. - 9
PCTuner. - 9