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Tested by millions of gamers, 3DMark is the worldwide standard benchmark for testing graphics and gaming performance.

Software details


Software description

3DMark includes everything you need to benchmark your PC’s performance and compare it with friends. Some tests include optional graphics tests to help you gauge your system’s performance with the latest games.

Hardware measurement

3DMark measures your system’s performance and compares it with other systems. 3DMark uses the same graphics tests that you can run in a free version, but the extended test runs longer and shows you your score.


3DMark includes two graphics tests and two CPU tests to benchmark your system. The graphics tests show you the performance of your GPU using DirectX. You can compare the score to other systems with the same graphics card or you can compare the FPS over time to see how well your system is running with the graphics test. You can also run the system tests in any order you wish.

The Standard test is a good overall gauge of your system’s performance and is similar to the tests run by most professional reviewers. It tests various aspects of your system including CPU, GPU, Memory, and a selection of the latest PC games. The Extreme test is a more demanding test that measures roughly a very high-end system. The API Overhead feature tests the effect of the most common APIs on performance.

Local shadows add shadow textures to the terrain, which is a relatively heavy test of your GPU. The Tessellation test puts additional load on your GPU, while the OpenCL feature test uses the OpenCL framework to perform general-purpose calculations. The results may vary between different GPUs and drivers.

Flexible Settings

Adjust the test duration, environment, and the number of test runs. You can even run the tests in a loop to see how your system stacks up after hours of gaming or benchmarking.

Compare Your System – Compare results to the same PC with a different CPU, GPU, or to results posted by other users.

Edit Benchmarks and Stress Tests – Create your own Stress Tests by adjusting the number of loops, duration, environment, and more. Save them to your benchmark list so they’re easy to run later.

You can also compare 3DMark scores from other software or hardware reviews. Choose a 3DMark Fire Strike preset to test your PC’s performance in a variety of game-like graphics scenarios. Fire Strike presets are designed for different PC gaming systems.3DMark’s Time Spy benchmark puts your system through more than six demanding real-time rendered scenes. As the scene complexity increases, 3DMark’s advanced graphics engine pushes your PC’s hardware to its limits.

Time Spy Extreme

3DMark’s Time Spy Extreme benchmark is a DirectX 12 benchmark for VR gaming PCs. It’s the world’s first test for latency, the time it takes for frame rendering to complete. The benchmark uses a liquid simulated environment to simulate a game like World of Tanks, but also with more demanding Direct X 12 enabled visuals. This benchmark is run with a pre-defined scene and its own rules, which is why it has an entry in the Hall of Fame.

And if things don’t go as planned, Benchmark mode runs your benchmark at 3 different resolutions so you can quickly diagnose where the problem is.