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Tested by millions of gamers, 3DMark is the worldwide standard benchmark for testing graphics and gaming performance.






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Software description

The 3DMark is a benchmarking software that helps you analyses the performance of your device’s hardware. The software has different versions to accommodate computers, tablets, and smartphones. Even with different versions across all the devices, the performance remains the same. To identify the hardware, 3Dmark uses Systeminfo a very powerful component. It can be very helpful especially to the latest 4k gaming PCs to ensure they get the most out of their PC’s hardware. There are quite a number of features that make this software quite competitive.

The Hardware monitoring function

Monitoring hardware is one of the major functions of the3DMark. After analyzing your devices, the software displays information in the form of charts. From the charts, you can gather information such as CPU and GPU temperature from the displayed information. The details on how the frame rate has changed when the benchmark is running are also possible to see.


The free package

There are three different packages you can choose from depending on your needs. The higher the package is being charged the more features it has. For those who require only the just some few basic benchmarks, there is a free package that you can just download and start using it without any further charges. Some of the benchmarks you get include the Night Raid, Sky Diver, Fire Strike, Ice Storm, Cloud Gate, and time spy.

The basic package

The basic 3DMark package gives you all the benchmarks in the free package plus a few more and several features. The extra benchmarks include Fire Strike Extreme, Ice Storm, PCI Express feature test, API Overhead feature test, VRS feature test among others. The features on the basic package include monitoring hardware, option to skip demo, save your results offline and a customizing option for benchmarking. All these features are not available in the free version. The version costs about $29.99 for you to get these features.

The professional edition package

The professional edition is the ultimate version of the 3DMark software. It has all the feature a professional would need. Among all the benchmarks this version has even more amazing features. They include a license for commercial use and a private offline option for the results. You can also export result data in form of XML and have priority support through an email and phone. Moreover, there is a tool that makes the quality of the images very good. This version is also compatible with Testdriver®.

The software will cost you about $1495 per year to gain access to all these features. 3DMark has been in the market for a long time. The main idea for the launching of this software is to improve the gaming world. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system, Mac OS, Android smartphone as well as iOS. It has millions of users and leading technological companies. It gets you maximum optimization to your devices whenever you are gaming. It is everything you need for your smartphone, tablet, and PC in one single app.

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