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Adobe Fresco is new drawing and painting app built for touch and stylus devices to help creatives unleash their creativity wherever inspiration strikes.









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Adobe Fresco is an oasis of creativity and expression, offering a broad brush library and no restrictions or limits to help artists produce work quickly without getting bogged down in details of digital painting.

As with other Adobe products, Fresco fits seamlessly into Creative Cloud and gives you access to any of its three storage levels – Low, Medium or High) for your artwork. This makes working across multiple devices effortless while giving you access to exporting in various formats like PSD, PDF, JPG and PNG.

Fresco stands out from competing art programs like Procreate by offering users the ability to draw both pixels and vectors at the same time, giving users a powerful new tool for taking their drawings even larger sizes than before, especially useful for illustrators. Furthermore, artists can take advantage of transform effects like Liquify which can add dynamic compositions.

Adobe Fresco features an intuitive user interface with icons along the left side of the screen that make navigating between functions easy, as well as several shortcuts such as two-finger double-tap undoing or pinching in/out zooming/rotation/adjust canvas size adjustments with one finger.

Adobe Fresco stands out with its ability to import reference images and trace them, giving creatives a great way to practice their technique and hone their craft. Once completed, you have two choices for refining it: either leave as-is, or use its refinement feature for more refined versions of your work. Adding motion effects is another fantastic way for creatives who wish to display their process or expand their audience base.

Adobe Fresco can become a formidable competitor in the world of raster and vector graphics software with the proper upgrades. Live Brush is already the sleekest implementation of live brushes on the market and, if it can further develop its vector controls and depth features, could truly challenge Affinity’s more established offering. Fresco can be purchased as either an individual program or at a discounted rate as part of Adobe Creative Cloud bundle plan, which includes many other Adobe graphic and video design programs. A free trial is offered for anyone wanting to give Fresco a try before deciding if it meets your design needs; once committed, Adobe Fresco subscription costs $9.99/month subscription or can be added onto Adobe Design Mobile Bundle Plan with pricing starting just below $100 annually.

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