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AdwCleaner is an application which searches and removes browser hijackers, potentially unwanted programs (PUP), toolbars, and adware from your computer.








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Software description

Adwcleaner is a software for removing adware and similar unwanted programs from your system. Adwcleaner is a product of Malwarebytes which is a trusted name in malware management software. The software is available for free download Adwcleaner.

The installer is about 8MB in size. Though the program has a light footprint, it has functionalities like adware removal, PUP(Potentially Unwanted Program) removal, unwanted toolbar removal and it even removes browser hijackers,

As soon as you open up the program, you are greeted with a small window that is essentially minimalistic. There are a ‘scan’ button and a ‘logfiles’ button along with a menu bar at the top.

The moment you press the scan button, a progress bar appears and the program starts scanning files on your system. Scanning is pretty fast but there is no customizable scanning. Also, there is no option to cancel the scan once it has started. When a scan is performed, Adwcleaner searches for updates and then updates the database. The update is pretty fast and would not hinder the smooth experience.

Once the scan is complete the program displays the result, that is a list of adware and PUPs in the window. It also displays the log file created during the scan. The log file is a text document that provides detailed information about the scan results and the adware found in the system. Now the scan button changes to ‘clean’. As soon as you click on clean, it will remove the selected PUP and adware.

Clicking on ‘clean’ displays a message which warns that all processes will be closed. Moving forward, all the processes were closed including the chrome tabs which I had kept open during the time. The program removes the unwanted programs and then requests to reboot the PC which has to be done.After all the steps are complete, the adware shall be effectively removed from the system.

The software supports more than twenty languages.There is also a quarantine feature available. A major downside of the software is that it does not allow folder-wise scanning. Also the scanning option for Adwcleaner is not available in the context menu. The lack of this feature is a bit inconvenient.

A great feature available is that the software is free to use and is light in size, It is very effective in removing adware and PUP. Also, the software is easily portable. The effectiveness of adware removal presented by this software can hardly be matched by any other. Hence it is advisable to have it installed if your system is adware or PUP affected.

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