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Nexus Mod Manager is an open-source application for Microsoft Windows computers that manage mods for multiple games. The application was made for the Nexus community to make mod downloads easier and automated for all the supported games.

Software details

Windows 10

Software description

Nexus Mod Manager can be used to download simple configuration files, large mods, maps, custom game updates, fixes that unlock features, visual improvements, audio improvements, and many more.

Originally released in 2015, Nexus Mod Manager received a series of updates and new features to support the increasing number of games on the Nexus official website. The mod remains free for the Nexus community and continues to support more and more games as they are added to the Nexus library.

Today, Nexus Mod Manager supports over 1000 games with a wide selection of mods and while most of them can be installed manually, the Nexus Mod Manager handles these tasks in a much more convenient manner. With plenty of useful features, the Nexus Mod Manager remains a free tool, developed for the gamers, and in support of the mod, community to make the distribution of their mods much easier.


Open-Source Application

The source code of the model is publicly available, running under a copy-left GPL license allowing the community to continue to tweak and update the application. The community is encouraged to develop extensions and frameworks that can interact with the application, adding new functionality and features.

Multi-Game Support

Nexus Mod Manager can handle all the games you have installed on your computer with one simple interface.

Mod Search Feature

Nexus Mod Manager can be used to search for specific mods directly into the application, eliminating the need to download the mods directly from the Nexus website.

Mod Download Manager

The application allows for mods to be downloaded. Larger downloads can be paused or resumed and installation is automatic once the download is completed.

Automatic Mod Detection

When installed Nexus Mod Manager can detect installed games and their mods. It can detect mod versions and it can check for updates on the official Nexus mod website.

Automatic Mod Updates

The Nexus Mod Manager allows the user to install updates for mods automatically when new versions are released. With one click all the games in the library can have their mods updated directly from the Nexus community database.

Mod Management

With a simple interface, the Nexus Mod Manager makes it very easy to organize mods and allows the user to set their preferred load order or use the recommended one.

Instant Access to Thousands of Mods

The Nexus community adds new mods every single day for over 1000 titles. With continuous support and automatic updates, the Nexus Mod Manager makes all mod installations easy and less time-consuming.

Intuitive Interface

Nexus Mod Manager comes with an intuitive interface that is very easy to learn. Tutorials and guides are available on the official download page for new users to help them familiarize themselves with the application.

Community Support

Nexus prides itself on the community created around each game and mod. The community works continuously to add new mods and welcomes all new m