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APKMirror is an Android app downloader that is safe to use. Its staff check all uploaded apps for any updates that could void their cryptographic signature, ensuring developers still signed them. Google Play Unknown Sources hosts applications not yet released by Google, such as those which require installation from unknown sources to work properly on devices. To use it, it's important that installations from unknown sources be enabled in your Settings.







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It’s an Alternative Android Application Store to Google Play

If you’re searching for Android applications not yet featured in Google Play Store, apkmirror can be an excellent source. In addition, it also serves as a resource for updates of existing applications which haven’t made their debut yet on this store.

APKMirror is one of the world’s premier app stores and free to use, regularly updated to give users easy access to the newest versions of their favorite apps and beta releases from older versions as well. If you want to test drive an app before committing, this site allows that too!

This site is safe to use because it does not host pirated or modded apps, while its moderators ensure all uploaded apps are verified through cryptographic signature comparison between new apps from different developers in order to check authenticity. Furthermore, no root access apps are permitted for upload.

The website is user-friendly, enabling its visitors to easily share apps they download with others – making it a good alternative to Google’s official Play Store which may be difficult for those who no longer wish to use its services due to privacy considerations or who have uninstalled it altogether.


APKMirror provides a secure platform for downloading Android applications because all applications uploaded to it have been verified through cryptographic signature verification – an important process which ensures that no modifications were made by third-parties and that only original developers created apps available through APKMirror are distributed for download. This step guarantees your safety when downloading apps.

APKMirror only hosts apps free from malware, with no cracked or pirated apps hosted here. Furthermore, Google checks for security vulnerabilities with all non-Play Store applications that download via this platform – if one is discovered to contain any harmful code they are immediately removed from Google’s service.

As soon as a new app is submitted, its credentials will be checked by matching its cryptographic signature with existing apps by its developer and reaching out directly to them for validation purposes. If they cannot authenticate an app successfully, they won’t publish it.

APKMirror will check to see if an app has been updated, then compares its cryptographic signature with that of the previous version and publish it if they match up; they won’t release paid upgrades unless given permission by developers first.

APK Mirror offers similar security policies as Google Play in terms of sideloading apps, making it a reliable and safe source for sideloading apps. All hosted apks are verified to be authentic by their developers and checked for signs of malware or viruses before being hosted on APK Mirror.

APKMirror doesn’t publish modded or pirated apps either; rather they have set rules for new and existing apps they review such as matching signatures against known legitimate ones or connecting directly with app’s developer; additionally they test beta versions uploaded onto APK Mirror against versions already present on Google Play before publishing them onto APK Mirror to ensure legitimacy before publishing them to make APK Mirror an exemplary resource for sideloading Android applications for sideloading!

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