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SketchBook is a software made by Autodesk made for designers, architects, and concept artists to help them draw initial ideas or definitive beautiful illustrations. It includes a professional drawing tool with a beautifully made interface which is perfect for drawers on the go. SketchBook is also designed both for the touch screen option or the stylus option, depending on the user’s necessity.

Software details

Windows 10

Software description

The professional drawing tools permit SketchBook to offer an endlessly clean and uncluttered environment for the user to access anytime he needs to. Autodesk SketchBook is full of very familiar instruments, from pens to pencils, to 190 customizable brushes, suitable for any need, textures, and shapes.

Professionals artists and architects rely on SketchBook for its speed and precision but also because it feels completely real.

By getting the Standard Plan, the user can access services like AutoDesk Drive, 2-Steps verification for security and customer service.

On the Autodesk website, it is also possible to access Autodesk Service Marketplace, which is a platform that provides training of Autodesk Software, including SktetchBook for new users.


  • Perspective Guides: Four types of perspective guides that are included in SketchBook give the users the possibility and the ability to draw images as if those were seen from right ahead of the obserator. The user can choose from 1 Point Mode, 2 Point Mode, 3 Point Mode, or Fisheye Mode. the interface gives the horizon and a vanishing point with direction guidelines to facilitate the idea of perspective.
  • Rulers and Guides: it is possible to find Rulers and Curved Rulers to help the artist draw perfect geometrical curves, or perfectly straight lines using the typical normal Ruler.
  • Unlimited Brushes: the users have access to 140 pre-created brushes. But also, it is possible to Customize the Brushes or import Brushes designed by famous artists.
  • Layer Editor: the Layer Editor contains tools to manage the editing of the layers. Using this option it is possible to add, rearrange, delete, group, or hide layers. Not only that, but it is also possible to work with opacity control, blending modes, and layer transparency.
  • Symmetry Tools: the user can find the symmetry tools in the symmetry toolbar, by regulating the opacity, the symmetry tool will show or hide the symmetry guidelines, this way the user can control the sketch without guidelines in a matter of clicks. It is a very helpful tool for the creation and designing of perfectly geometrical pictures or professional projects.
  • Predictive Stroke: this is an advanced feature that gives the user the freedom to draw quick geometrical figures, like circles and squares, but using this tool, SketchBook will fix automatically the form drawn on the screen by smoothing it out.
  • Scan Sketch: this tool gives the ability to scan a physical sketch from the paper to the SketchBook interface program, it is very commonly used by artists or even tattoo artists to design final products from a physical pencil sketch.
  • FlipBook Animation: the user can create up to 4 layers of simple animation.