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Autodesk SketchBook provides over 190 brushes and features like pressure sensitivity, blending modes, flow maps and tilt controls artists can truly bring their sketches to life.










Software description

Autodesk SketchBook is an application, for artists offering a wide range of tools to express their creativity. The software also provides features such as layer compositing, gradient fills and perspective guides to help create illustrations. In addition, the finished artworks can export in high resolution formats. SketchBooks brush engine ensures a natural sketching experience that feels lifelike. Additionally, the integration with Autodesk apps enhances the process with seamless workflows. Overall, SketchBook empowers artists by providing an interface and advanced capabilities, for turning ideas into finished illustrations.

Brush Customization

The Autodesk SketchBook software offers a range of options, for customizing brushes allowing artists to express their styles. Users can make adjustments to properties such as tip shape, texture, scatter, tilt angle and flow. With advanced controls available it’s possible to fine tune brushes to match techniques and mediums. The software also provides over 190 brushes as a starting point. These brushes can organize in trays. Easily shared across devices. Due to the brush customization options offered by SketchBook, artists can enjoy a personalized creative experience.

Copic Color Library

Autodesk SketchBook incorporates the Copic Color Library to enhance illustration. This library offers a range of, over 700 matched Copic colors and palettes. Artists can easily refer to Copic swatches while working in the medium allowing them to browse, sample and apply hues instantly. With support for Copics color system artists can create illustrations using authentic shades. The inclusion of the Copic library in SketchBook helps bridge the gap between digital art to life color representation.

Text Tool

In Autodesk SketchBook you have access, to a range of text tools that allow you to write directly within your illustrations. You can easily add text boxes with fonts, sizes and colors that has customized to your liking. The text also comes with layer properties making it easy to position and edit as needed. To unleash your creativity, you can even convert the text into vector outlines. Manipulate them as shapes. The advanced perspective controls enable you to align the text perfectly with the angles in your drawings. With these integrated text features, artists can incorporate labels, comics, diagrams and other textual elements into their finished illustrated creations.

Rulers and Guides

Autodesk SketchBook offers tools such, as raster and vector rulers along with guides. The vector rulers are particularly useful for achieving measurements and alignments in illustrations. Guides serve as drawing aids that can position on the canvas. Additionally, users have the option to create guides that automatically snap to shapes. A valuable feature of this software is the persuasion perspective tool. It allows artists to preview and sketch with 1-, 2- and 3-point perspectives. By utilizing rulers and guides, artists can construct compositions with accuracy. Establish points that are crucial, for creating realistic scenes and structures.

Customizable UI

In Autodesk SketchBook, you have the freedom to tailor the interface to suit your workflows. You can customize the toolbars by adding, removing or organizing tools according to your preferences. Whether its brushes or layers, you have the flexibility to reposition them for access. If you’re using a tablet, you can even toggle UI options to minimize distractions. Additionally, there are features, like custom swatch palettes and dynamic sliders for adjusting tool settings. With this interface flexibility, artists can create their creative space that aligns with their needs and artistic process, within SketchBook.

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