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Avast Internet security is one of the best antivirus in the market. It offers protection to personal and cooperate computers, mobile phones and even web-based databases.

Software description

Internet being the place where many interfaces and user databases converge, the information and data of one is always at risk of being hacked, or else corrupted through what are popularly called viruses. Avast is the security brand that is perhaps now amongst the most commonly used ones.

The internet security version of Avast is a midway mutated form, with the antivirus at one end and the premium security software at the other. By protecting the computer from tons of malware now circulating so deviously in the market, Avast also helps to protect the performance levels of the PC.

What is New?

Avast, fortunately, is updated on a regular basis. In the year of 2015, the software sees certain upgrades to its former self, including the incorporation of a home security network, through which the entire web of routers at your home, are protected by a single click. Avast offers scanning of every website before it is opened; for this purpose, your trusted and frequently visited websites may need to be “whitelisted”.

The security software will automatically recognize those websites as one with which you feel at home, and do not spend time and energy scanning them. Avast has recently expanded its user base to more than 2 million, which only means one thing: the security software has been up against 2 million different kinds of data. What is better than a security system that knows how to handle malware on 2 million diverse data and software?


  1. Avast has a firewall system that bars your computer to the hackers. In other words, the hacker softwares cannot see your system at all.
  2. Scanning the entire system is easier and faster than ever.
  3. So far, Avast users have never complained about the efficiency of the security system. There have been no inaccuracies when it comes to differentiating between malware and the safe files.
  4. The security system is an experienced system in this field and has yielded more than satisfying results so far.


  1. There is no family protection system enabled on this internet security. Parental controls are still to be added.
  2. One has to buy the premium version to access some of the features, which the free system does not offer.

Finally, is it worth it?

Avast internet security has always received a massive appreciation from its users, with most of the people rating it 7 to 7.5 out of 10. The internet security works just fine for the majority of the users and the lack of parental control does not seem to bother a lot of people, since not all of them have kids, and even if they do, they tend to use other parental control programs.

However, the avast internet security system has not yet made to the list of the top 10 giants of its field, perhaps because the security system is a little bulky, requiring about 1 GB of the space of your PC. Nevertheless, it is a good anti malware software for a greater proportion of PC and internet users.

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