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AVG label is known best for its efficient and dependable antivirus software for years. Their products are highly efficient and capable of providing guaranteed protection against the advanced viruses and malware aside ensuring basic protection. AVG Free Antivirus does more than scanning the computer storage for malicious files and getting rid of them. It provides real-time protection against all the internet and computer security threats. If you need an antivirus for windows which is speedy, well-equipped, regularly upgraded and efficient, AVG is the choice to make.

Software description

The market is flooded with countless antivirus products which can make finding a good protection solution for your devices an uphill task. While some are remarkably good, many others are simply half-baked products camouflaging among the elite so as to earn a quick buck. In a bid to separate the wheat from the chaff, today we take a look at the AVG AntiVirus Free software to determine just which category it falls into.

What the AVG AntiVirus Free Edition has to offer.

AVG AntiVirus Free has quite a commendable package with its notable capabilities including a malware detection system that can sniff Trojan horses from wherever they’re hiding and this is a quality that any antivirus worth its salt should possess as, after all, that’s why you need one in the first place. It also comes imbued with moderate internet safety protection services executed through browser extensions and a file shredder feature not found in too many such products that effectively deletes all traces of infection.

Moreover, AVG AntiVirus Free affords special protection for external drives or devices and the software is always ahead of the virus tide thanks to its round the clock real-time update system. Accessibility is convenient as you can simply jump to the main program via a task display icon. Obviously, the fact that you don’t spend a dime to get your hands on it is definitely another aspect that works to its advantage. The easy installation process also makes it a fan-favourite across the board. So far, not so bad.

Flaws of the AVG AntiVirus Free edition.

It quickly becomes apparent within the first few minutes of use that AVG has the undesirable characteristic of reducing your PC’s performance particularly whilst performing the seemingly never-ending routine checks. More specifically, older computer models with a humble processing speed of 2 GHz, or thereabouts, and a similarly sized memory capacity are especially affected.

Later models like the core i3 and beyond fare a lot better on the other hand. Aside from reduced performance, AVG AntiVirus Free limited extra features restrict customization which is a letdown as well. It’s also not uncommon for the software to mistake games and harmless program files for viruses and this is a serious concern shared by many users.

If you are a somewhat careless surfer with a penchant for anonymous links or regularly scrap through torrent sites that are basically a minefield of harmful entities, then AVG AntiVirus Free is probably not the one you need watching your back. There have been countless reports of infection in such scenarios and it appears this package of the software is suited for the savvy, casual browser. Last but not least, the absence of a quick scan feature means you have to sit through the entirety of detailed scans before you gain back full computing speed and this can be infuriating.

So there you have it folks, the AVG antivirus dissected and laid bare in a nutshell. It is now upto you to decide if its the perfect fit. If you’re looking for basic PC protection, it’s not a bad option. However, if you are looking for a more intensive solution, then I’m afraid AVG AntiVirus Free software might not be your best bet.

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