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AVG Antivirus, an acronym for Anti-Virus Guard, is a popular antivirus and security suite whose excellent features make it stand out. It was developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast.

Software description

Scammers targeted individuals with over 236 million cyberattacks globally in the first half of 2022. Therefore, you need a powerful antimalware utility like AVG Antivirus to browse the internet in a safe way.

The antivirus software can protect your Android smartphones along with Windows and macOS PCs. A subsidiary of Avast, this tool can protect you from unwanted cyberattacks through real-time monitoring. Or you can run system scans to identify and eliminate potential malware.

Privacy Protection

Keeping your computer secure from cyber hackers is crucial. After all, this is where you store personal or business data. So, this software can boost core defenses for added safety.

Whenever you download, transfer, or open a file on your system, its File Shield runs a scan. This way, it can stop harmful files from ruining your privacy. Also, it keeps an eye on system apps and warns you of malicious behavior before it’s too late.

Further, its Network Inspector function can help find potential network issues.

360° Internet Security

Websites with malicious content can infect your PC. So, get comprehensive security of AVG Antivirus to identify and block such harmful websites.

Also, phishing attacks are another major nuisance for internet users. Hackers send you emails with malicious files that transfer control of your system into hackers’ hands. With the email shield of this software, you can block unsafe email attachments. So, it can help you keep your inbox safe and private.

Not to forget, this AVG tool has an efficient system to notify you of security breaches. You get an alert if your account credentials are leaked on the dark web.

Keeps Your Personal Data Secure

With a high risk of cyberattacks, you can’t ignore security measures. Thus, with the help of this app, you can maximize defense against snoops.

AVG Antivirus protects sensitive documents from hackers with the help of a sensitive data shield. Further, you need not worry about hackers spying on you through your webcam. This software can also enhance your online shopping experience through added safety.

An added benefit is its effective Remote Access Shield. This means the software can automatically block non-approved remote connections.

Ransomware Protection

Have you heard of cyberattacks where users are locked out of accessing files on their systems? Then hackers demand payment to restore their access. This is called a ransomware attack.

It’s critical to secure data so that hackers can’t lock you out. You can create a backup of important data. But what’s more important is to install an effective tool like AVG Antivirus. Its firewall can deter potential attackers.

Also, you can specify folders or file types that need more protection. The software will then take care of those protected files and archive folders for you.

System Scan Options

When it comes to running system scans, here are the most common scan options it offers:

  • Smart scan
  • Specific file/folder scan
  • Deep scan
  • Boot-time scan
  • USB/DVD scan
  • Performance scans

Don’t forget to schedule regular scans for enhanced security.

Data Shredder

Deleting data from your system still leaves behind traces. So, use the Data Shredder tools of AVG Antivirus to remove those traces for good. The software enables you to shred the required files, folders, or even an entire drive in no time.

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