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AVG antivirus is a software that offers protection against malware and viruses. It carries out deep scanning on the entire system for possible malware. It fixes several issues that may slow down performance.









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AVG AntiVirus is a software that provides maximum protection against malware and viruses that may attack the operating system of your computer. It carries out periodic and deep scans to detect the viruses and malwares. While performing deep scans it fixes any drawbacks in the system. It helps improve performance by rectifying issues that try to slow down performance.

AVG AntiVirus also scans all external devices for any possibility of malware or virus. The sole role of this scanning is to identify present malware or viruses and find cure. It’s also to prevent any malware from gaining access to the system. You can carry out specific scans on certain files or data you might suspect harboring malware.

In addition, AVG AntiVirus provides reliable protection to your computer. It is capable of detecting a virus or malware even before it fully opens up on the system. It often carry background scans even when you are running other programmers on the computer. Threats posed solved with immediate effect.

Additionally, AVG AntiVirus is capable to carry out phishing. This software detects any phishing attacks that may be send through mails. It fully downloads, and finds information about website domains. These meta information is crucial as it may help the software detect possible malware or viruses.

Furthermore, AVG AntiVirus provides a firewall while using any network connection. It looks for any possible virus in all incoming and outgoing connections. The connection s might harbor malware. The system also monitors your network. This network night be full of junk which might attack your operating systems.

AVG AntiVirus shows all devices connected to your network. It will also indicate which devices are safe and which ones are not. In public you will still be able to see devices connected to the network. You can set pre-sets that are more strict while using public network. This will help protect your device.

Moreover, AVG AntiVirus offers other useful features. It has a secure browser that is more like an incognito browser. No record, or track is available of having to browse anything. Its so secure that you are the only one who gets to know what you browsed on. No track or record is kept on the system about what you searched. This is a very helpful feature since you can share computer with many people but no one will spy on you to know what you were browsing.

Additionally, AVG AntiVirus has a secure VPN network. This network is anonymous, and private. No one can trace where you are or track you because your IP address is private .The IP address remain hidden from cyber trackers. The VPN network is fast and reliable.

Lastly, AVG AntiVirus provides protection to your device. It has anti-theft features. These features are meant to help you find a thief who stole your device like phone. Some anti-theft features includes silent camera mode. This will capture thief’s photo and you can access it remotely. You can also use the siren mode to alert people of a thief. Automatic lock can also work in case the thief enters wrong passcode several times. Besides, it has anti-track features. This helps to keep your location private and also your data and information.

No one will be able to hack your device and get you personal information remotely. Some may tend to hack your webcam remotely. AVG AntiVirus alerts you and without your consent they will not be able to access it at all. AVG antivirus shields your data generally; it blocks any source that may channel malware to the system, or virus. It does it automatically. This software is dependable and poses no harm to the system.

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