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Avira Internet Security is a cybersecurity program that aims to safeguard your PC against online threats such, as malware, viruses, ransomware and more.









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Software description

Avira Internet Security is a cybersecurity program. It leverages AI technology to detect and prevent emerging threats, such, as viruses, malware, ransomware and phishing attempts. It employs real time scanning to block files before they can infect your device. Moreover, it includes a firewall feature that filters network traffic for added protection.

Additionally, Avira ensures the security of transactions when you are banking or shopping. It also offers controls for monitoring children’s activities. Overall, Avira Internet Security provides layers of defense to ensure security against the various potential cyber attacks present online. With shields in place to safeguard against threats, Avira allows users to browse the internet and download files with confidence.

Safe Browsing

The safe browsing feature’s main purpose is to prevent access to websites that are known for phishing attempts, where attackers try to steal login information or personal data. It also stops the loading of pages that spread malware protecting users’ devices. By scanning URLs in time this technology ensures that users have up-to-date protection against new threats.

Avira’s safe browsing feature provides defenses, against links giving users peace of mind while shopping or banking online. With Avira Internet Security guarding against phishing scams infected pages and other malicious sites users can browse the internet securely.

Ransomware Protection

The Ransomware Protection feature uses analysis to detect any activity. It resembles ransomware attacks and promptly blocks such software from manipulating your computer. This proactive defense ensures that your files had protected against threats attempting to hold them, hostage. Avira Internet Security continuously updates its protection to stay off tactics used by ransomware. With Ransomware Protection, you can confidently store information on your devices.


The Firewall feature keeps your network safe by filtering outgoing traffic. Its main purpose is to prevent programs from communicating via the internet while shielding your devices from scans, by external parties. In addition, the firewall allows you to customize permissions for each app enhancing security. This means that cyber threats are less likely to exploit network connections in order to infect your system or steal data.

On top of that, the firewall keeps you informed about any connections it detects. Ultimately, Avira Internet Security’s firewall acts as a barrier between your device and the vast world of the internet. It examines all communication and connections due to block malware, hackers, and other potential threats from infiltrating through network activity. Finally, the authorized apps will have access thanks, to this robust firewall.

Secure Online Transactions

Secure Online Transactions keeps users safe while they shop or bank online. It works by encrypting connections preventing any theft of data. Additionally, it has the ability to detect and block phishing attempts which are tricks used to deceive users into giving away their information, on fake websites. This way users can access their accounts with confidence knowing that their sensitive information has protected.

Avira Internet Security’s web protection network also helps by flagging sites for added security. Ultimately, Secure Online Transactions provides peace of mind for anyone conducting transactions online. Users can securely enter their payment details knowing that Avira’s multilayered security protocols are safeguarding their identity and money.

Parental Control

Avira Internet Security offers a feature called Parental Control. This feature allows parents to manage and monitor what their kids can access on the internet. With age-based filters in place inappropriate or dangerous websites can automatically block. Parents can set time restrictions for internet usage and limit the apps that their children can use on their devices.

By providing oversight and boundaries for usage, Parental Control ensures an online experience for kids. Detailed reports are available well providing browsing history and attempted website access information for monitoring purposes. Ultimately, Parental Control empowers parents to create an ageing environment for their children while setting healthy limits, on device time.

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