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Bandicam is an efficient screen recording application. You can record high-quality videos to create tutorials for games and applications. You can store videos in AVI or MP4 formats.

Software description

Bandicam is a software that efficiently records videos from PC screens. The software can be used for purposes of recording ordinary videos, games, slideshows, etc. The software comes with a number of modes to choose from depending upon what kind of video a person is recording from the screen.

Once the software is installed and opened, there are all necessary instructions to guide a user through the details of the different modes, their features and the uses of the same. Bandicam essentially comes with three modes, namely-Screen recording mode, Game recording mode and Device recording mode.

Screen Recording mode-this mode enables the user to record any ordinary video from the screen and also, has three subdivisions regarding the way how the user wants his/her video to be recorded. The rectangular screen recording mode records the selected rectangular part of the screen, while the full screen recording mode records the whole of the display. The last subdivision of the screen recording mode, area around the mouse recording mode, only records the video around the cursor, and each time the cursor is moved, the area being recorded also changes.

Game recording mode-this mode is used to record games that are being played on the screen. Also, this mode enables high resolution recording and hence, is used for other purposes as well.

Device recording mode- with the help of this mode, videos from external devices like smartphone, webcams, Xbox, can be recorded.

Additional features of Bandicam – The software comes with a great number of attractive features that makes the job of a user easy. Among the many features of Bandicam, some of the key features are-video recording capacity for over 24 hours without any pause, video recording resolutions as high as 4K Ultra HD, high resolution videos with small file size, videos that can be uploaded on YouTube directly, and much more.

Final verdict- With features so amazing, Bandicam has to be a raging vogue among the users. Its easy and user-friendly design only adds to the list of its many pros. Moreover, high quality videos, customized modes and small sized video files makes Bandicam even better.

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