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Basically it is an activity manager that contains the options of scheduling routine tasks. It possesses the capability of scanning traffic received from both FTP and HTTP protocols. It can deal with spam content with the help of multiple security layers. Zero day threats are recognized on the basis of their behavior while detailed reports are generated for understanding the nature of problems.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

Bitdefender SBS Security is a simple and powerful tool for security and business management solution that carries outstanding dynamic safeguarding against spywares, viruses, phishings, and other malwares. Bitdefender SBS Security can increase productivity in business and lessen management of malware-related expenses by enabling the centralized control, administration, and protection in workstations, as well as emails, files, and online traffic within the company’s networks.

Bitdefender SBS Security is made to defend servers of users from small businesses and help them abide with the data security regulations without putting pressure on the limited human resources and IT allocations. Bitdefender SBS Security is a total software suite which can give high security for resources, which is a paid product Bitdefender Private Organization that business owners preferred. It lets you keep your business applications safe, enhance performance, and manage effectively.

Key Attributes

  • automated routine event response and management activities via security policies
  • email server and centralized workstation management support
  • ISA server, email, workstations, files user control, anitvirus, antirootkit, antispyware, firewall, antiphishing, antispam, privacy, and content filtering
  • auto deployment and detection on new workstations
  • current mail services integration ease
  • dynamic heuristic protection from threats
  • antispam filtering with multilayers
  • detailed and centralized reports
  • supports extensive WMI script
  • FTP and HTTP traffic filtering and scanning against spywares and viruses

Key Benefits

  • decreased administration cost and workload
  • expanded security for corporate workstation users
  • secure document and file sharing
  • secure mail transfer
  • amplified efficacy
  • network visibility boost
  • enhanced for business domain

It is really important for a corporation or small business to have the most effective protection against potential unknown attacks on business networks. Bitdefender SBS Security provides just that. It will increase the productivity within the company by getting rid of the worry of spams, viruses, and other malwares that might infect most of the company’s workstations and servers. Nowadays, online attacks are very common that can greatly harm business flow. However, Bitdefender SBS Security can only be run on Windows .

Installing the software is easy and can be found on its website. There are also video tutorials on YoutubeBitdefender SBS Security has a trial version if you want to find out and evaluate the product first. But one thing is certain, it will provide your business network the protection it needs and deserves. Your business will have the defense agains outside attacks directly to your company, since servers will give access to the company’s most important ideas and documents.

So protecting your company network is of utmost importance. Doing so is tantamount to future success and corporate life continuation as it will thwart potentianl threats that would undermine the very life of the company thorugh cyber attacks. I caanot stress enough the real damage cyber attacks can cause in a company. Taking all the needed measures will strenghten the integrity of server systems, which can serve as the gateway for hackers to enter the most crucial place in your company and exploit whatever they can find.

If you’re using Windows, install Bitdefender SBS Security right now.