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Bitwarden is known for its secure platform for those who want a good password manager. It has a lot of features, and the cost is much less than that of its competitors. Bitwarden is very secure, even though it could be considered basic. Its features boast higher security at a reasonable cost to the consumer.

Software description

Unlike other user-friendly software applications, Bitwarden is the opposite. It takes a bit of time to get used to navigation because of some of its complex futures. With all that being said, its password management features are rich and functional, providing optimal performance in that aspect.

In addition, it has some very cool additional features, such as local hosting, which users can take advantage of. Bitwarden has various fee plans, which are budget friendly. They also have a free plan for those who just want to try before buying.

Testing the Product

If you were to test the product on a trial basis, you would find that it performs well, and the security tools allow you to keep passwords safe by:

  • Very strong encryption
  • Password security audits
  • Cloud access (nothing to download)
  • Two factor authentication
  • Password breach control and monitoring
  • Password generation
  • Login verification
  • Password Share

Password Privacy

Bitwarden allows users to share access with different log-in information. This is especially true for businesses with employees working as teams. Invitations can be sent from the application to an individual via a hyperlink. When clicked, the user can then log in using the shared log in detail sent by the invitee. An invitation is necessary to maintain security and privacy.

How It Works

Let’s say you want to share an item with someone else on your team. You would then go into the application and create an organization. You will then choose whether the person you are inviting can make changes to the log in or only gain access in order to view the item. When an invitation is accepted by the person it is sent to, they can have access to shared logins, but the person sending it is the one who makes the determination.

Additional Features

Bitwarden is heavily encrypted and so user information is kept secure. This is a similar encryption that governments and banks use around the world. Therefore, users can feel quite secure in storing personal info on the software’s cloud servers. For those concerned about their personal information, whether it can be compromised or not, Bitwarden provides users with the option to choose local data storage. However, cloud servers are known to be more secure compared to local networks.

Once you create a private vault with your passwords, no one can see or gain access to it unless you provide them with that information. The private vault you created is only exclusive to you. No one else can unlock it. Compared to other similar software applications such as LastPass with their account recovery feature, Bitwarden will not restore an account with a forgotten Master Password. You would have to go through the two-factor authentication process, which can be tedious.


One of the cons of Bitwarden  is that it can be tricky to import your passwords from a different password management software or browser. It is also a little complex to share and sync password vaults with additional users. The auto fill and auto save features are also awkward. In addition, the interface is not as intuitive as other similar applications.


Even with some cons, this does not mean that the pros outweigh the cons. Bitwarden is ideal for users with a budget and for those who are technically savvy. It is low cost and has great management features with high security.

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