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Bitwarden is an open-source password management service. This targets teams, individuals, and business organizations. It holds approximately 8% share of the whole password management market. This is around 15 to 20 million users.

Software description

Bitwarden refers to a freemium open-source password management service that keeps sensitive information. The information includes website credentials in a secure vault. The software provides a variety of client applications. That is, web interface, desktop applications, mobile applications, browser extensions, and a command line interface. In addition, Bitwarden offers a cloud-hosted service, and the ability to self-host.

The desktop application is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. On the other side, browser extensions include Safari, Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Arc, Firefox, and Tor. There are also mobile applications for Android, iPad, and iPhone. Furthermore, there are also client functionalities such as two factor logins, biometric unlock, password less login. More so, there is password strength testing tool, random password generator, login, form, or app autofill. In addition, there is sharing credentials, and storing a variety of information such as credit cards.

On the other hand, Bitwarden is basically an open-source password manager. That is, the source code under constant audits from Bitwarden’s community of developers, researchers, users, and the public. Since there are more eyes on the code, errors are easier to spot, and this makes the application more secure.

The application is easy to use, and it includes crucial features such as multifactor, authentication, credential sharing. Moreover, there is also cross-platform syncing, and enough password storage; for multiple users. There is no other free password manager that has all these core features. Thus, Bitwarden retains its Editor’s Choice award for free password managers.

The software’s free version includes support for up to two users. That is, multi-factor authentication through email, or a mobile authenticator app. It supports password vault data breach scanning, and running Bitwarden server application on your own network. A premium account is costs $10 per year. This helps in adding more authentication options for users such as hardware security keys. This package also comes with an emergency access, and file sharing. There is also a family account which costs $40 per year. This package includes all the free and premium features while adding for up to six users.

Bitwarden has a better customer support. The community forums comprise of discussion threads on user-to-user support. It also features requests, and GitHub contributions. Users can also receive support through Reddit, and Twitter threads. There is also an online help center which include complete directory of the software questions and answers. Additionally, ticket-based support is available at any time for all the plans. Although, premium, family organization, teams, and enterprise subscriptions receive ticket queuing. However, online chat, and phone support are not available.

According to Forbes Advisor, Bitwarden is a perfect password manager for economical individuals. Therefore, if you want to use it in a business environment, it is important to assign a tech-savvy admin to your account. This individual will personalize the software for you depending on your business needs. Bitwarden also scales with users’ business. It ensures productivity by enabling the team to share passwords among other team members. Bitwarden reduces cybersecurity risk by establishing a first line of defense against data breaches. It does this by enforcing strong password rules for employees. In addition, it also integrates seamlessly with your enterprise environment like SSO, and directory services.

Other advantages that come with Bitwarden include the capability to share sensitive information safely, and securely. Users can share this with other individuals, teams as well as enterprises. Also, they can access their account details from anywhere, on any device with secure cloud syncing. With this application, users can recognize potential security weaknesses such as weak passwords. Availability of exportable event logs allows individuals to gain transparency into user activity. This can happen within your organization’s vault.

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