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CarX Street is a compilation of street races that many people participate. You have to participate so as to find a club to join and also win prizes. You can buy cars of your choice, repair old ones and even buy garages. You can play online with other gamers across the world









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CarX street is a racing game in sunset city. You can race as you wish because there are no regulations, rules or law enforcement. The game runs day and night. You can choose races and there destinations. There are races and tournaments arranged at different parts of the city. The sole aim is to win all races you participate in. There is also drift bonuses that are earned by doing longest drifts.

There are all types of cars in sunset city. You can purchase the cars from the cash you win during the races and drifts. Also you have to buy houses and garages to store your cars. You can also upgrade the cars that you already have. An amazing feature is that you can build you own car. You have to unlock parts of a car and then assemble them. To do so u have to work hard participating in races and making sure you come first so as to win the prizes.

CarX Street has contact server in case you have a question or you’ve encountered a challenge.

CarX Street is free to download. It is available for download in play and app stores. The game is completely free to access and use. Money can only be used when you want to unlock cars or parts ahead of time.

CarX Street is also customizable. You can create your own layout and change vehicles coolers. Also you can improve internal parts like engine and other parts. You can also participate on online tournaments. Also you race against other gamers online and the first one earns his or her name on the leaders board. You are a street racer at sunset city. You have to earn yourself a club or title by accepting challenges and proving you are the best.

CarX Street has different modes you can play. You can play as a cop chaser. You goal in this mode is to chase criminals in streets and highways and bring them to justice. Also you earn more by overpowering the criminals. You can also participate in drift mode. In this you race in a winding road with rough terrain. You have to maneuver successfully in the bends by drifting.

The longer the drift guarantees you more points and money. The winner is the one who makes the longest drifts and reach at final destination first. Another mode is timer mode. You are assigned a destination to reach within a specified duration. You have to race against time along the streets and highways to reach destination within specified time. The first one to reach destination within specified time is the winner.

CarX Street is virtually appealing considering it’s high quality graphics. The game appears to be real world with real vehicles, highways, streets and general make up of sunset city. The build up of the game is complex and detailed. However, to make CarX Street enjoyable and acceptable by all, simple controls were designed. A virtual steering wheel was designed for those want to feel more like they are inside a real car.

How the steering wheel is used is similar to how the real one is used. The player totally feels he or she is actually driving in real life. To those who may find it difficult to use the steering wheel can change controls and revert to buttons. They are simplest controls as they entail pressing buttons. Each button has it’s role and it’s indicated on it. Therefore it’s easier to use buttons.

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