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Clash of clans is a game app that involves live combat. It is an event taking place in the new clans capital called skeleton. Clans gang up and fight against each other. The best clan wins trophies in the clans league and many more advantages.

Software description

Clash of clans is a combat game between clans. This game involves creating and establishing a powerful clan that will thrive in inter clans combat. You have to fight and prove yourself worthy and strong among the rest. Clash of Clans provide you with necessary resources to establish an impenetrable clan village.

To begin with you are in skeleton a new clans capital. You have to unleash chaos and outsmart your opponents. The new capital has been well constructed with impenetrable walls. You can use the newly acquired magic graveyard spells to cause more havoc. Destroying enemies and their territories guarantees more glory.

You can loot some materials from opponents materials and use them to construct a strong village for your clan. You team has two strong defenders, the mini minion hive and reflector. They are strong enough to defeat the rival clan. With the two in your team you have high probability of winning against the other teams.

In addition, you can win battles to a point where you unlock other heroes. You can command barbarians, wizards and even mustachios. These heroes are more than enough to guarantee victory to your team.

You can form alliance with other clans. You can win many battles with the alliance formed. The unbreakable alliance is an additional strength as it guarantees you maximum support in any clans league battle. You win trophies on the clans league.

Furthermore, successful battles can earn you a lot of magic spells. With great combination of those magic spells, you can adopt a battling strategy that will guarantee you victory. You will be able to build a strong and impenetrable village. You will construct towers that will help you spot rival clans from a far.

Numerous towers is an added advantage since you can spot them in case they come from any direction. You can then unleash your wrath to them using cannons, bombs and traps. When you fight with resilience and win battles, you will be able to secure a spot on the leaders board. This gesture is pride and it shows you are the best among other leaders.

Moreover, Clash of Clans settings gives you a lot of customizing features. Those features allows you to set up the best villages for your warriors. Some of the wins you get during battles are the skins.

They vary in beauty and you can use them to customize your clan’s village to your liking. You can participate in a player verses player combat. You battle with other friends across the globe. This makes the games appealing and interesting. You win over friends to gain respect among peers. This strategy help you to put your team to test against your friends.

Additionally, you can discover new battle tactics and strategies. You can attain all these in the practice mode. You have to practice to remain in form and ready for impromptu battles. Battling in practice mode can help you gauge your team and know the probability of winning. You can also enhance the strength of your clans mate by laboratory experiments. You give drugs and stimulants to add strength and increase war span before getting tired.

Lastly, uncover building base and discover fortress. You can turn the fortress into an impenetrable hood for you clans mates. Review how your clans mate fought in battles using the video replays. You can also fight the goblin king in a single fight combat mode.

A win against goblin king will elevate your success on the leaders board. With Clash of clans at hand you can achieve greater success through resilience, hard work and maintaining team spirit. All off these are inevitable in case you are success oriented in the battles

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