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Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a software application for desktop computers that can be used to quickly upload your important files to a safe online experience. Upload and store files online is now easy with Comodo Cloud, because user can upload and download file using the easy drag-and-drop feature.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

Securing your computer and other devices should be a top priority. Today, there are so many techniques and workarounds that cybercriminals use to perform negative things. You don’t know, but a seemingly ordinary file or application might be malware. You can never be sure when it comes to digital security. However, what you can do is use protection software.

Since it’s not easy to judge if something is safe or not, it is best to implement a firewall that will block incoming viruses and threats. Prevention is better than cure. It’s also true when it comes to security. While you can repair the damages, the files and data loss can sometimes be irrecoverable.

What you should be doing is using Comodo Cloud Antivirus. It is a useful program that will screen and block harmful files and attacks. Comodo Cloud Antivirus safeguards the essential things on your devices to not have to worry that much.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus: What can it do?

  • Real-time malware monitoring
  • Sandbox new and installed applications
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Sandboxed processes monitoring
  • Affordable pricing

Comodo Cloud Antivirus – In-depth look at functions and features

Real-time malware monitoring

Comodo Cloud Antivirus scans and protects your devices in real-time. Incoming and newly detected malware are scanned and eradicated immediately. The quicker a program can stop and delete a virus, the better. As you see, the longer it stays in your system, the more damage it can do. What’s scarier is that if you use low-quality antivirus software, chances are these viruses will be left undetected. You don’t want that to happen to your computer. Well, if you agree, then use Comodo Cloud Antivirus instead. It guarantees that your devices will be safe.

Sandbox new and installed applications

If you download an application, you might be unsure if it’s safe or not. Unlike when getting an application from a highly reputable company, some programs came from small developers. It means that while different publications or individuals review some, some might be unknown. Many people might get off and delete that type of application; however, what if it’s a good one or you have no other option? Is there a way to verify it’s safe to use or not?

Comodo Cloud Antivirus will do precisely that. It sandboxes new applications so you can try them out before handing them out to your central system. If Comodo Cloud Antivirus detects something suspicious or alarming inside the sandbox, it will report the findings back to you. You will be alerted, and you can take action immediately. However, if it’s severe and can do significant damage to your computer, then it will automatically delete that particular program.

Easy-to-use interface

While other antiviruses look complicated, Comodo Cloud Antivirus tries to be as easy-to-use as possible. Using simplified buttons, interface, and explanation, new users can easily pick up and make the program up-and-running.

Sandboxed processes monitoring

If there are sandboxed processes on your system, it can still detect and scan them. Like open processes on your primary partition, it will check for malware, issues, and other vulnerabilities. It will also report all findings to you as an alert or view on the app’s dashboard.

Affordable pricing

You can get the full features of Comodo Cloud Antivirus for only $29.99 per year.