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DBeaver is a free and powerful database client and management software for all sorts of development types, system administrators, or anyone who needs a tool to manage databases.

Software description

DBeaver is a database tool for developers and database administrators that is completely free to use and supports most of the popular databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Sybase, SQLite, Firebird, Derby and any JDBC compliant data source.

It has a friendly user interface and is quite easy to use. DBeaver works on most platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX. It is a complete free database tool currently available and provides many features that any developer needs.

Features include:

· Database metadata browser. It shows connections and their content: tables, columns, indexes, procedures, triggers and others.

· SQL Editor allows the creation, edit and import/export of scripts as well as the performing queries and other SQL functions.

· Data viewer and editor permit the view and edit of data.

· Database structure comparison performs objects structure compare after selecting multiple objects, like schemas, tables or entire databases.

· Data Import/Export. The tool supports the following file formats: CSV, HTML, XML. The data can be exported to another table or even a new table that has to be created.

· ER Diagrams are available for an entire database or for a single table. Columns visibility can be configured.

· Data search: All search results will be displayed as filtered tables.

· The Query manager feature records every query that is executed.

The tool also has several database-specific features like:

· Procedures/triggers view, metadata DDL video, catalogs management and users management for MySQL

· Advanced metadata editor, procedures, triggers and other objects browse/edit for Oracle

· Views DDL and Stored procedures source for SQL Server.

The installation process depends on the platform and the distribution type. There are several options for installing the tool, the easiest for Windows and Mac OS is by using the installer executable. A complete user manual that explains both the features and the use of the software can be found on JKISS website.

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