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DiskDigger is a software utility that enables users to recover lost or accidentally deleted files from their digital storage devices such as hard drives, memory card, USB flash drives and other similar devices.

Software description

DiskDigger can easily dig out all the deleted files, including images, documents, videos etc., with utmost accuracy. With DiskDigger’s deep search algorithms, it has emerged as one of the best tools for data recovery. It is very powerful yet user-friendly & extremely easy to use without any technical knowledge required from user’s end.

Furthermore, this tool also offers preview feature which basically lets you view recovered content before actually restoring them back safely. You can decide whether they are useful for you before the restoration process is completed successfully. Its support for various file formats like JPEG, GIFF and many more makes it more reliable option while recovering data in a variety of platforms. Therefore, there are many benefits associated with DiskDigger making it favourite choice among user communities worldwide.

File Recovery

DiskDigger is a powerful file recovery tool that can help you to easily recover data from whatever device you’re using. It offers an easy-to use interface for beginners. DiskDigger offer robust features for advanced users such as deep scans, extensive filtering and automatic recovery options. It works with several different types of storage media, including memory cards, external hard drives and iPhones/iPads or Android phones/tablets. DiskDigger can scan partitions on FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 formatted disks.

The NTFS systems making it versatile enough for almost any type of storage system out there today. Its free version allows scanning up to 500MB while the paid Pro version increases this limit significantly. This makes it more powerful than other free tools available in the market today. The algorithm used by this software performs complete scanning of both existing files along with deleted ones.

Filtering Option

DiskDigger is a powerful and comprehensive filtering option software. It is designed to help users scan for recoverable files from any digital storage device. Users can use the program’s various filters to sort out specific formats, such as JPEG, BMP, GIF images or MP3 audio files. The tool allows you to filter by age of file creation and modification.

Additionally, there are options to refine your search by size and popularity and customizable scans. It allows retrieval of deleted traces that had lost after partitioning or reformatting drives. DiskDigger an ideal tool for home users and businesses alike who need fast access to previously unavailable data. Furthermore, it is capable of configuring file permissions, password-protect deleted items and compress recovered files into archives. It applies masks in order to confine results within certain parameters.

Deep Scanning

DiskDigger is an amazing tool for recovering deleted files from your hard drive. It’s a popular choice datarecovery software due to its deep scanning feature. This unique feature allows the program to scan deep into the drive and recover much more than other recovery solutions can achieve. This feature makes it perfect for recovering crucial data that had mistakenly erased or formatted on accident.

The powerful search engine enables accurate searches of any file system, finding from documents to multimedia files in original format. Furthermore, DiskDigger supports many storage types like NTFS, FAT12/16/32 formats as well as RAID arrays and SSD drives. DiskDigger uses disk analysis methods which guarantee comprehensive results with minimum effort required according to verified user reports.

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