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Droid4X is an efficient Android emulator through which you can easily enjoy all your favorite Android apps on your computer. With the help of this application, you can easily run those apps and games that could not be used on your mobile phone due to limited memory space or battery usage. You can now enjoy those games on a bigger screen and make use of system hard disk to store and run all your favorite apps. It provides you a complete Android environment and can support a large variety of apps available on Google Play Store. It is user friendly software for mobile gaming addicts.

Software description

There is a lot of excitement about mobile games in recent times. However, playing mobile games on phones with a smaller screen can be quite difficult to manage. Luckily, with the Droid4X you don’t have to worry about the size of your mobile screen as you can just use your PC to play mobile games. How? Droid4X is a simple Android emulator which helps you simulate the use of mobile phones on your PC. Get access to the Android Play Store and all the functionality of your phone on your PC. Droid4X uses the VirtualBox which can emulate the ARM processor which is present in most portable devices. Play games, such as Pokémon Go by allowing the Android GPS system and tricking it into providing you with a “custom” location. Control your phone features from your desktop for all Android and iOS devices. A great software solution not just for mobile gamers, but all phone users.

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