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All in all, the privacy and security features of Epic are quite good. As for whether it is worth switching to from your current browser, that’s a decision only you can make. But if you frequently find yourself wanting more anonymity and security online, give Epic a try. It just might be the web browser for you. what is epic Privacy Browser?

Software details

Android / mac / Windows 11

Software description

Epic is a web browser designed to provide users with extreme and total privacy and internet security. Anonymity and protection from cyber-attacks are at the core of Epic’s functionality and the company’s vision.

What is Epic Browser?

Like Google Chrome, Epic Browser is powered by chromium. In other words, the two browsers share much of the same code base. Thus, the functionality of Epic would be recognizable to anyone familiar with Chrome.

It is the emphasis on privacy and security that sets Epic apart. With other browsers, users are subject to several methods of internet tracking. Data is collected, sold, and potentially exposed to hackers.

Epic goes well beyond the standard security measures available on other browsers.

Why Does Privacy Matter?

Maintaining privacy on the internet isn’t as simple as adjusting a setting on your computer. It could involve changing a few dozen settings without guaranteeing perfect privacy.

The majority of internet users are concerned about their privacy on the web. And the truth is data tracking is a pervasive issue. Businesses, advertisers, and internet service providers constantly track and analyze internet users’ behavior, effectively providing a window into the user’s mind. This information can be sold and used for various purposes, some benign, some not so much.

A typical browsing session may expose users to as many as 600 tracking attempts. Without their knowledge, an individual’s information could be accessed by their employers, governments, and an endless supply of data collectors.

Personal, sometimes sensitive information is visible and often sold and exploited with or without the user’s knowledge. Some of this data exposure can actually affect people’s ability to secure a job and apply for insurance and may affect one’s credit.

And, of course, some illegal operators hack and track internet users’ activity with harmful intentions. Without sufficient privacy measures, people can become subject to significant damage at the hands of hackers.

What does Epic do, and how does it work?

As mentioned, the Epic browser is all about privacy. The default mode has all the security settings that, with other browsers, will need to be adjusted manually.

With some of the well-known methods to avoid or block tracking, there is still the potential that personal information is exposed.

For instance, using a VPN to obscure a device’s IP address still comes with the risk of a data breach. In addition, sometimes webRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) capabilities can expose IP addresses even when using a VPN. Epic prevents this.

Similarly, trackers can use fingerprinting to identify a device, even with a VPN. Through device fingerprinting, data collectors can collect information about a user’s activity and track behavior without knowing the device’s IP address. Epic prevents this as well.

Those using private browsing or incognito mode are still not immune from tracking and data leaks. Data is still accessible by Google, governments, and service providers. Epic’s default incognito mode keeps data collectors from accessing this information.

In fact, Epic Browser guards against most of the standard tracking methods used by companies and data collectors. These Include:

  • Cookies
  • IP addresses
  • HTML 5 storage
  • Evercookies
  • Flash cookies
  • Fingerprinting
  • and more

To accomplish this, Epic Browser takes several measures. First, it automatically requests Do Not Track for every site visited within the browser. It keeps no record of the user’s browser history. Additionally, any address autofill information is stored locally rather than on a search engine’s servers or elsewhere.

The built-in proxy encrypts all data, including location, and hides IP addresses. Epic will also remove installation tracking and error tracking, which prevents exposing personal details to data collectors and hackers.

Epic browser disallows 3rd party cookies. No web cache is stored. Google sync will be disabled, and automated Most Visited Sites are not displayed.


Epic does not allow most plugins, extensions, add-ons, or password managers. Again, it is a disadvantage to some users though it prevents potential data leaks. And some of the functions and software that epic blocks are necessary for the website’s functionality. Thus some sites may not work correctly or at all.

Searching works much the same as it does on other browsers. However, some search modifiers may not be recognized or assumed to be typos. The modifier “site:.gov” doesn’t necessarily provide only the results from government websites as the modifier intends to do.

Pros and Cons

Epic might not be for everyone. Epic indeed stands in the way of many of the dangers on the web. However, on the flip side of some of the potential dangers, there are benefits many users would prefer not to do without.

Depending on a user’s preferences and the sensitivity of the activity they’re conducting, Epic may have its disadvantages.


  • Does not work with password managers
  • Affects some websites’ functionality
  • Some search modifiers do not work


  • Blocks ads
  • Requests Do Not Track to all sites automatically
  • Proxy encrypts all identifying data
  • Keeps no search or browser history
  • Complete privacy protection


Internet users concerned with cybersecurity would do well to try out the Epic browser. Those who rely on the incognito feature on other browsers may just as well spare the effort by using Epic with the same security capabilities and then some.

Their commitment to user privacy is apparent in every feature of the browser. They believe that a free internet requires privacy and the peace of mind that comes along with it.