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Epic Games provides players with access to thousands of game titles, including classic games and the latest offerings. Taking advantage of the Unreal Engine, the library is extensive both in quantity and quality of gaming options.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

Epic Games is a store and a game launcher that works in much the same way as Steam. Users download the app from Epic Games’ website, create an account, and buy games for download to their computer or gaming system.

Once the launcher is installed, users can find games to play from a variety of genres and get the latest releases from Epic Games and other game publishers. It’s a one-stop shop for many games, including Fortnite, but judging by most reviews, users haven’t thought too highly of the app.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from using the Epic Games launcher.

How to Get the Epic Games Launcher

In order to use the Epic Games launcher on your computer, you’ll have to download the software. You can do this by going to the website for Epic Games and locating the “Get Epic Games” button on the upper left-hand corner of the webpage. The website has software for both Apple and Windows computers. Download the software and prepare to launch the software.

The Epic Games app is available on Android phones and tablets only. It’s not available through the Apple app store due to a prior lawsuit with Apple. Android users can download the app through the Play store. Press install and allow the Play store to load and install the app on the phone.

Setting Up Epic Games Launcher

Downloading the launcher on a desktop requires installing the app on your desktop. Open the file and let it install. You can trust the application to load without installing malware. Make sure to read each screen and follow the instructions provided as you install.
Once the installation has finished, the game will launch and ask you for a username and password. If you haven’t made an account with Epic Games, you can do so through the launcher. After you’ve logged in, you can start using the launcher for buying and downloading games.

The User Experience

The biggest issue with the Epic Games launcher is its lack of support for users, an unintuitive interface, and poor categorization of games. Epic Games tries to overcome this by offering free games weekly and frequently offers major titles.
The biggest issue with Epic Games comes from it’s lack of customer support and fairness with refunds. It frequently locks users out of their accounts, preventing them from accessing their games. When users try to get back into their accounts, Epic Games is typically non-responsive and sometimes permanently locks out the user.
Users frequently report being unable to access their accounts after a poor interaction experience with customer support. Lockouts are a frequent complaint for various reasons, and accounts are rarely returned after theft.
Epic has a major theft issue with accounts getting hacked on a regular basis. There seems to be no interest in fixing the issue, either. Customer service frequently disregards evidence of ownership, and will not restore accounts. Money spent on virtual currency is frequently improperly credited to the account or unusable.
When a user asks for a refund, users find that they’re limited in the amount of refunds allowed. If the user made a mistake and bought the wrong game, Epic may disallow the refund with no notice.

Downloading Games From the Epic Games Store

Downloading games from the Epic launcher is straightforward. Select the game, make sure it’s in the cart, and ensure the payment method is correct. Once you’re satisfied with the purchase you’re about to make, click the buy button and click on any terms of service agreements. Download the game when prompted.

After the download has been completed, make sure to launch the game for full installation. Make sure that you have an internet connection for the launcher to connect with the game and allow it to run. Once the game boots up, you can start playing.

Make sure you have sufficient hard drive space to download the game you’re buying. There is no option to cancel the download once it’s started outside of turning off your router. Disrupting the download can cause problems in the form of deleting the file and starting over again.

Benefits of Downloading the Epic Games Launcher and Store

The main benefit of downloading the Epic Games launcher is gaining access to free games on a weekly basis. Epic puts out free games on a weekly basis, often in multiples, and requires no payment at any point. The game publisher may have microtransactions included in the game, but you will never be asked for payment for the game itself.

Fortnite players need the game launcher to play the game and access skins and other virtual items. The launcher is also a payment platform and makes buying in-game items easy. Players can quickly obtain items to improve their ability to win.

In Conclusion

The Epic Games launcher leaves a lot to be desired in terms of functionality and security. The company seems disinterested in fixing its issues, improving customer service, and fixing security issues. Unfortunately, people who play Fortnite are stuck using the launcher. The best course of action is to minimize personal exposure by using temporary credit card numbers and buying as few games as possible.