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Mozilla Firefox is one of the oldest currently popular browsers. And out of them all, it is the sole one that is not based on Google's Chromium engine. It is also the sole well-known browser that is completely open-source. Firefox is often mentioned as one of the more privacy-aware browsers, and privacy-conscious users often choose it as their main browser. On the other, it is often critiqued for its opt-out tracking and advertising practices. Mozilla Firefox features extremely customizable and stylish user interface. User can reposition most of the elements on the interface, and customize the design of the browser. Its bookmark panel allows power users to conveniently use a big number of bookmarks. Pocket extension, which saves articles for later reading, is integrated into the browser. Since it is one of the most popular browsers, a great number of add-ons (extensions) are available for Firefox. At the end of 2017, Mozilla released Firefox Quantum. They changed the browser's engine and significantly boosted its speed and compatibility with modern technologies.









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Software description

Mozilla Firefox 65 Quantum is one of the free and most popular web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. It is available in over 90 languages and variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. The web browser has many key features such as extensions and add-ons through which the user can add other web browser apps that help to browse more easy and efficient.

Firefox sends constant updates to the web browser, therefore, increasing the performance of the overall browser and giving a wonderful experience for its users free from phishing and malware attacks. It has other features such as bookmark for noting down a particular website which you wish to visit again and password remembering technique through which the user no need of typing their password over and over for each visit to the same web page. Overall these features make Firefox an open source web browser available free for users throughout the globe.


This feature also embeds a significant reason included various security tools like same origin policy and a phishing detector. You can also clear all cookies to enhance the security levels of the browser if needful. Mozilla has also enhanced the browser’s security through a security bug report system which allows users to report any accurate malicious reports.


Another interesting feature that every user confirms with this browser is its speed. It takes few seconds to load a page when you use Mozilla Firefox. There is an enhanced search capability that ensures that users intensively search the internet faster with this browser more than others.

The tab browsing feature allows users to open multiple tabs or pages in one window. This is convenient for users who enjoy browsing from my window and is also advantageous in ensuring ease of browsing.

Private browsing

With Mozilla Firefox, users can enjoy private browsing which increases the security of browsing. This feature enables users to browse without necessarily leaving any browsing history. It is commonly known as Porn Mode. Users can also conveniently change the browser’s skin for easy accessibility.

Apart from that, the live bookmarks feature ensures that users track some of the relevant new sources through the browser. This further enhances the security of the browser since one can monitor the web from different directions while browsing. This too is beneficial in ensuring that the browser is safe for use.

Installation and Use

Installing this browser once downloaded is very easy. The download process will take few minutes and once set for use; any user can familiarize themselves with this fast and wondrous browser. Ensure that you choose an appropriate theme according to your taste so that the browser appears user-friendlier.

Consider customizing all details you feel necessary. Contrary to other browsers, you can customize Mozilla Firefox to meet your standards. It is also recommended that you read Mozilla Firefox 65 reviews and instructions before you set the browser perfectly well.

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