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Through this awesome software, you can innovate your amazing pictures into likable video clips. Explore this and make your images move and animate the way you imagined it. Creating slideshows for your pictures is easy in Flipagram. You can insert soundtracks that will make your video alive- depending on the emotions you want to portray.

Software description

With Flipagram, you will not hesitate to insert different transitions for each photo. Insert your creativity and be animated. Although, it should be noted that this is not a software for editing professional productions. But if you want quick and easy video, install it. Creating short video clips will take only a few minutes. To elevate it further, Flipagram App integrated social media features where you can connect to other accounts may it be your family or friends.

With this feature, you can also share and post your videos created thru this software, and feel free to use all the hashtags you want. To implement easy uploading of pictures to your videos to be created in Flipagram, you need to connect your social media accounts, personal computer, or even your mobile devices.

With this, you will not worry should you miss photos already uploaded to those social media platforms. It is in your hand to decide whether you will give automatic access to those devices or not. Before collating your photos into video, make sure to edit it with readily available filters in Flipagram. This is same feature offered by other related app. You can alter zoom effect of your picture, or even crop all those unwanted parts of your image.

nice in your video

With Flipagram, you can do it with flying colors. After editing, organize your photos with the way you want to present it. You can freely decide how long your transition will take.

Add narratives

With Flipagram, you can easily add several texts to your videos. But make sure to make it simple. Remember, you are making a video and not a narrative post in your social media accounts. Keep it short but meaningful. After deciding all of those things, then explore available background music that is suitable in your video. You can easily pull your music from your mobile phones or personal computer. If you do not own one, you can download on free background music online. After several practice of creating videos, for sure, you will discover how to tune in your music exactly to your slideshows. In this way, it will look organic and enticing to watch. Adjust your music and photos to your preferred speed. If you want a lively video, make it on faster tempo than the usual. But if you want to create a dramatic video, then make it a little bit slower than the original track.

This application is readily available to those people out there who want to explore new ways of elevating their digital content. Of course, at first, it won’t be easy to create that perfect video that you want. But sooner or later, you will be familiarized with all the controls of your Flipagram App.

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