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FluidSIM is a complete program  for designing, simulating, training and learning about electro pneumatic, electrohydraulic, digital and electronic circuits. 

Software description

Cathy Buggs defines FluidSIM as a robust software that helps users create, simulate, and learn about digital, electro-hydraulic, electro-pneumatic, and electronic circuits. The application is absolutely free and it combines the might of a circuit diagram editor with a component description, photos, animations, and videos. These media files and functions work together to facilitate users with an access, self-study program. You use the software’s drag and drop, and  add items features to enhance the appearance of your circuit.

The software has some features such as a simulation core; this allows individuals to try different models and conduct computational procedures. Furthermore, it enhances efficient communication with other programs and hardware due to the compatibility of the application with Festo Easyports, OPC, and DDE. The app is useful and suitable for a wide range of individuals such as students, hobbyists, and employees.

FluidSIM has several benefits to the users. First, it enables them to easily design their first circuits in minutes. It houses several collections of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic elements that they can drag and drop onto their circuit design. Apart from designing their own circuits, they can also use default parameters and monitor the physical model instantly. As the elements of the library continue to evolve, they can easily find new as well as advanced elements for their circuits.

Beside that function, FluidSIM contains an interactive simulation core. This helps the users to compute state changes and element switches to generate an altered circuit. These alterations and switches can be executed as well as activated by the user. Moreover, the simulation regulations allow users to move hardware signals from one program to the other and monitors the program react iwn real-time.

The app contains a diagnosis mechanism; this allows users to get access to broken models that displays defects. Study groups can use FluidSIM to enable them simulate dysfunctional elements, and fix the mistakes with the aid from the knowledge base. Damaged components can be secured with a password to mask bugs committed by the learner.

FluidSIM functions at a high speed without interfering with the results due to the presence of simulation core. With this assistance, an individual can simulate electrical signals to a maximum or 100 kHz. Thus, simplifying the process of testing and creating circuits. Also, users can execute simulations to ascertain issues in components, and instructors can leave feedback as well as documents for learners to use them as references.

Users can benefit from measuring devices to produce and simulate their circuits. The app’s diagnosis toolbar houses these virtual measuring devices, and can also be used for electrical engineering, hydraulics, and electro-pneumatic circuits. The measurements do not impact the circuits, but it just shows the values allocated to each. The toolbar also contains different types of variables for measuring pressure, pressure flow, amperage, voltage, etc.

The values are already known to permit users access them and include them to their circuits without doing a lot of edits. The FluidSIM has comprehensive collection of components and a large number of educational materials for better as well as faster circuit creation.

The current updated version of this app covers several simulations such as P, H, and E. FluidSIM functions as professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and enables the users to design drawings, projects, as well as printouts. Simulations in this program happens in high definition and allows users to manage variables by using a joystick. The app also offers wonderful library with one licence for more than one user.

Nonetheles, this app has some drawbacks in certain situations, it focuses more on the response time than on the accuracy of results. But it still provides outcomes that remain within the allowable limit range.

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