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FoxMail is a free email client that supports HTML. The program allows you to mark, tag or label emails, helps you change the theme and can work with an unlimited number of mailboxes.










Software description

Out on the market for an email client? Do you want to up your productivity game? You came to the right place.

Foxmail, an excellent application, is more than just an email client. It is a program that maximizes productivity and supercharges your email experience. It has excellent backward compatibility with older versions of Windows, so that most computers will work just fine.

It incorporates the power of email with other useful features. Takes notes, store contacts, and even add appointment right into it. As previously mentioned, it’s more than just an email client.

Above all, Foxmail is entirely free. There is no need for additional payments or features locked behind a paywall. Use Foxmail as you like, without worrying. Download and use Foxmail today!

Foxmail – Highlight Features

  • Multiple email account support
  • Set appointments
  • Take notes
  • Store contacts
  • Subscribe and view RSS content

Foxmail – List of features and functionalities

Multiple email account support

Foxmail has a robust implementation of managing multiple email accounts. First, you can manage email accounts individually. It means it displays your messages, settings, and other folders on your account. It also supports notifications for newly fetched emails. Notifications are highly customizable, so you’ll never be bothered by constant alerts.

Next, it allows the management of multiple email accounts. You can view emails from all your accounts in a tab. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in any account; the tab will always show. It displays and unifies the messages from all accounts. It is helpful if ever you have many accounts, and individually scrolling through them will be quite a chore. If you’re running out of time or just wanted to take a glance over your inboxes, then it is a neat feature to have.

Set appointments

Keeping track of appointments from emails is very important. You don’t want to lose or forget an appointment for a meeting or something else. It’s essential, indeed, which is why you need something to keep track of these.

If you’re reading an email, it’s best if there’s something you can quickly open to jot down appointments in a more systematic way. Sure, a notepad would work, but it doesn’t display information of this kind in a way that’s easy to view and offers reminders. Fortunately, Foxmail has an integrated section for capturing appointment details. It is included in the app itself. Therefore, there’s no need to switch to another program to do so. There are shortcuts accessible a few clicks away to trigger appointment capture.

Take notes

Like capturing appointments, there are also other information from an email that’s worth or should be remembered. For instance, there might be a tracking number of your delivery, and you don’t want to lose it if in case you’ve accidentally deleted that particular email.

Moving on, Foxmail has an integrated note-taking section. It features a simple yet reliable note-taking experience. Quickly capture thoughts and details from email without leaving the program. Above all, your entire notes database is synced across devices in your account.

Store contacts

Store contacts manually or import from an email sender. Contacts are stored systematically. Names, details, and contact information are filled in with respective labels making it easier to view them.

Subscribe and view RSS content

Catch up on a website’s posts by utilizing Foxmail’s RSS feature. Copy the link of a website or source to get updates directly on the program. It is useful when you’re writing newsletters or other updates that require constant research and up-to-date information.

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