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Gilisoft USB Lock helps you keep data safe by blocking device ports. In order to authorize data transfer, the portable device holders have to enter the correct password. It is an easy to use tool that can be configured with ease. It ensures that only the verified devices can be connected to PC and web or program access is limited too.

Software description

Gilisoft USB Lock is an effective method of preventing data theft by unauthorized USB drives. It is a licensed product available with a free trial version. The software is intended for Windows operating system and can work with 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 editions. It possesses a traditional interface and lets you implement a master password for security sake. It is a simple tool that can be used by beginners and professionals with similar level of ease.

USB & CD Lock:
Gilisoft USB Lock helps you protect data in USB drives and CDs by enforcing a secure lock. You can disable reading from devices and writing to devices as security measures. The connection can be disabled such that no Android and iPhone device can be detected by the system and SD card reading can be cancelled as well. For CDs or DVDs, you can toggle reading and burning of data. You can maintain a white-list of devices that should be exempted and the list can be imported and exported. It displays the current status of devices.

USB Monitor:
The software keeps an eye on USB Flash drives. Its user interface shows the list of devices connected to the system along with the exact time of the events performed. Through advanced settings, you can include or exclude particular file extensions. You can choose options such as don’t use filters, check full path, check partial path and check file name only. The notifications can be enabled for changes in file name, directory name, size, attributes, last write, last access, creation, sub-directories and security information.

Website and Program Lock:
You can restrict the access to website and applications from the computer. Targeted websites should be specified and they will be blocked. You can restrict the changes in IP address or disable network adapter to ensure that the settings are applied with immediate effects. Under program settings, you can disable registry editor, task manager and remote desktop connection to avoid any unnecessary changes. You can also maintain a list of specific programs to prohibit their execution. You can add or delete items anytime.

Devices Lock:
Gilisoft USB Lock assists you in locking the devices to forbid their unauthorized use. Devices such as printer, Modem, COM & LPT, Infrared, Bluetooth and 1394 connection are included in the list. It notifies you when a device is not found.

Security Parameters:
You can enhance security of system by keeping a secure password. Without entering it, the system will not give access to the software. You can change Email address and password after entering the old one for authentication sake. Under Security tab, you can choose the actions that should be taken on breaching of security.

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