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God of War, a game by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. It has become a flagship series for PlayStation comprising of nine instalments over a large number of platforms.







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God of war is an electronic action adventure game from the Sony Corporation in 2005. According to many individuals, the game is one of the all-time great names for the company’s PlayStation 2 video game console. In addition, the game fascinates players and excites critics with impressive visuals, a powerful story, as well as impressive game play.

In this game, God of War, players control Kratos, who is a Spartan warrior sent by the Greek gods to eliminate Ares who is the god of war. As the story continues, it portrays Kratos as the Ares’ former servant, who was mislead to assassinate his own family. Later on, nightmares started to haunt him.

Kratos rolls through the ancient Athens, and other locations with blades of Chaos, weapons made of daggers and chains, on a murderers quest to kill the rogue god. In the game there are impressive features such as running, jumping, climbing, and swimming same as the ones in the Tomb Raider series. God of War requires relies on to eliminate some characters such as Kratos enemies.

According to the Indian Express, God of War will be available to play on Windows computers through Steam as well as the Epic Games Store. On these devices, the game will operate on native 4K resolutions, availing users with a smooth gameplay experience. In addition, there are major enhancements on the graphics ranging from high-res shadows to support for NVIDIA DLSS; these gives RTX series cards sharp owners quality visuals as well as a performance boost.

God of War also supports NVIDIA reflex low latency technology which permits players to react faster and hit better combos. Similarly to the previous PlayStation sports, this game comes with a 21:9 ultra-widescreen support too, giving a quality cinematic experience as the user navigates through the Norse realms. In addition, it comes with controller support for a wide range of gamepads as well as completely customisable unbreakable keys for mouse, and keyboard.

In order to run God of War on the highest, ultra settings, you need an Intel i9-9900k together with an RTX 3080 graphics card. According to Sony’s recommendations, you have to install the game on a solid state drive, so you can be able to load the levels, and textures very fast.

The events in the God of War III in the 2018 version, introduces us to a different version of Kratos as he keeps on living in the Norse realm, that is, ancient Scandinavia. After the cremation of his wife’s body, Faye, Kratos, and his son Atreus must embark on a journey to disperse her ashes fro the highest peak of the nine realms.

God of War has several pros that attracts the players; for instance the combat is one of the greatest in the series. From the beginning where you land the axe at the enemies head to paralyse them, then add a flying punch to the face, you will realise that this game is special. Furthermore, the graphics are not only breath-taking, but are also the best. Although, Mass Effect 2 looks a bit old now; however, it is still one of the finest RPG’s.

God of War game has several challenges that you have to complete so you can progress to other interesting fights. For instance, there is weapon mastery challenge; here you have to kill 16 enemies in three minutes. This is not a difficult one, it just test the ability of the user to use Kratos’ weapons against different enemies. Another challenge is the flawless, Arena F, in this part you have to kill 15 enemies without conceding any damage, you have to dodge frequently, throw your axe, and spear, and utilize your allies’ arrows to control damage at range.

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