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Google Hangouts aims to create a unified communication experience. It combines instant messaging, video conferencing, and VOIP phone calls into one slick app.

Software description

Google Hangouts is a communication platform that allows users to message, call and collaborate with individuals or groups. At its core is instant messaging for real-time conversations. Users can send texts, emojis, photos and more in one-on-one or group chats. Hangouts supports video calling with up to 25 people for virtual meetings. Google syncs the service across devices and integrates it with Gmail for convenience. Users can share screens, edit documents collaboratively and live stream via Hangouts for enhanced productivity. Built-in Google Assistant provides information via chat. Hangouts conversations encrypt for privacy and security. Features like do not disturb, chat pinning and favorites make communicating easier. Hangouts bring messaging, video conferencing and collaboration together in one unified platform.

Screen Sharing

Hangouts has a screen sharing tool that allows users to easily broadcast their screen to others on the call. This enables smooth presenting information during video meetings and chats without needing separate screen share software. Users simply start screen sharing and then select a full display window or individual app window to show exactly what they want. The shared screen had shown in high definition to meet participants for vivid image quality. Users can add annotations live to call attention to important points as the presenter talks. The screen tracks mouse movements so viewers see all activity in real time. Screen sharing works seamlessly across Hangouts on desktop and mobile. Whether collaborating on a document, walking through a presentation, or providing technical support, Hangouts screen sharing allows easily conveying visual information to enhance video calls and chats. The intuitive built-in tool promotes engaging meetings and discussions.

Instant Messaging

A key feature of Google Hangouts is its real-time instant messaging capabilities. Users can have one-on-one conversations or group chats with up to 150 people. Text, emojis, images, videos and other multimedia can easily share over Hangouts chat. Conversations sync across devices so they are accessible on smartphones, tablets, computers and any browser. Interactive features like reading receipts, typing indicators and quick emoji reactions aim to mimic natural conversations. Users can pin important chats for easy access and quick messaging. Search and filtering allow users to readily find messages. Notifications and do not disturb modes give control over conversations. Security will enforce by blocking unwanted contacts and encrypting chats. Overall, Hangouts instant messaging facilitates real-time communication between individuals or groups. It keeps users connected through a fast, fluid and flexible messaging platform accessible across devices.

Voice Calls

In addition to video chat, Hangouts also allows making voice-only calls. The app uses data or Wi-Fi to place high quality VOIP calls to other Hangout users for free. Voice calls support all of Hangouts’ features like screen sharing and emoji reactions during conversations. Users can seamlessly transition from video chat to voice calling and back again. Voice calls can join by multiple participants for conference calls. With reliable audio quality and a straightforward connection of video and voice chats in one app, Hangouts provides a unified platform for all calling needs.

Emojis and Stickers

Spice up your conversations and express yourself better with emojis and stickers in Google Hangouts. Insert emojis easily on both mobile and desktop by using emoji shortcut keys or selecting from emoji menus. All the standard faces, hand signs, activities, animals, food emojis and more render in colorful high resolution when you send them. Lively animated stickers add even more visual pop – just pick a fun character or illustration from Hangouts’ sticker collection. Themes range from robots and art to sports and nature so you can find relevant stickers to match any chat. Furthermore, you can even turn your own photos into custom stickers.

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