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If you own an android phone you might have heard of the Google PLAY app, or possibly a variation of it called the “app store”. This is one of the most widely used applications that is usually by default installed on your phone when you receive the unit and plan.

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The PLAY app features hundreds of apps available to be downloaded, both free and some premium options. Apps have a variety of uses and through years of being tempered by an active and demanding user base, you are able to enhance your life in just about any area. You’ve probably heard of “There’s an app for that”, and this adage rings true. Download games that help you pass the time or full-blown MMO’s! light up a night out with a flashlight app, or even tune your guitar.

Consider this application the next time you are scrolling through your phone, as your quality of life can be improved very simply and easily, all at the comfort of your own fingertips.

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