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Google Voice is a telephone service offered by Google that provides users with a phone number, for making calls sending text messages, and managing voicemail.

Software description

Google Voice is a phone service offered by Google that doesn’t cost anything to use. To start with, it provides users with a phone number. They can use for making calls sending texts and accessing voicemail. In addition, it offers features, like call screening the ability to block numbers, and even transcribe your voicemail messages. You can also make free calls within the United States and Canada using it.

Google Voice works with Google services such as Gmail allowing you to receive transcripts of your voicemail in your inbox. Furthermore, you can send SMS texts from your Google Voice number and forward them to any linked devices you have. However, it’s important to note that emergency calling and MMS messaging had not supported by this service. Although, it may not offer all the functionalities of a phone number. It definitely helps boost productivity and safeguard your privacy.


Conference Calling

The conference calling feature in Google Voice allows multiple individuals to join a phone call together. To begin with, it can accommodate, up to 10 participants in a call. The host has the capability to add people by merging calls or directly dialing from the app. Additionally, participants can join by dialing in using a provided conference code.

This feature is available at no cost for calls, within the United States and Canada. However international conference calls require a fee. It works best on smartphones that have the Google Voice app installed. This feature facilitates calls for teams and groups. In conclusion, the conference calling functionality of Google Voice makes collaboration easier and more accessible.

Call Forwarding

Google Voice allows users to forward calls to linked phone numbers. Firstly, it can forward all calls to one number. Secondly, users can set it to ring multiple numbers simultaneously when there is an incoming call. Additionally, they can configure it to ring different numbers at different times of the day.

Furthermore, users can enable a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to stop ringing completely. Moreover, they can selectively pick and choose which numbers to forward calls from. However, Google Voice only forwards calls within the U.S. and Canada for free. Overall, the call forwarding feature provides flexibility and control over incoming calls. Though, international call forwarding requires fees. Still, it is a useful way to manage calls.

Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb option, in Google Voice lets users silence call and text alerts. Firstly, it prevents calls and texts from causing notifications on the user’s phone. Additionally, users can schedule times and days for Do Not Disturb to be active. Furthermore, notifications will still appear in the pp without any sounds or vibrations. Overall, Do Not Disturb provides users with control over when they receive Google Voice notifications. While it may not offer flexibility it is quite handy, for reducing distractions.

Call Recording

Google Voice offers users the ability to record both outgoing calls. To enable call recording, you can navigate to the settings menu in the app. During a call, you will receive a notification once the recording begins. All recordings had automatically saved to your Google Voice account. These recordings prove valuable, in resolving any disputes regarding call content. Overall, this feature provides a way to document conversations for reference and promotes accountability. By obtaining consent Google Voices’ call recording capability becomes a tool, for archiving purposes.

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