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GoToMeeting refers to a web conferencing software from GoTo. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing application. It enables users to meet with customers, colleagues, and clients through the internet in real time.








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Software description

GoToMeeting refers to a modern online meeting software. It aids in facilitating easier connections with people depending on how you want. The software is meant for online meetings deployable from the desktop application, mobile application, through a browser. GoToMeeting account is not necessary; hence anyone can join the meeting. However, the organizer must log into the system to plan, invite, and manage the meeting in the cloud.

GoToMeeting is suitable for business purposes, and not personal use. The software can accommodate up to 3,000 participants. This makes it ideal for conferences. However, there is a low-tier plans for smaller meetings appropriate for remote work, or online class. The web conferencing application permits face to face meetings, real-time presentations, and collaboration in the cloud. In addition, the setup as well as navigation is easy. This is because you are basically just a click, or a few steps from utilizing the key features. Some of them include chat, call, share-screen, and record.

GoToMeeting is popular due to its clear audio and video interface, and general reliability. It is one of the early movers into cloud meetings. The software offers standard features such as screen sharing, dial-in conference line, and personal meeting room. It also provides significant account management features like Admin Center, and meeting Diagnostic reports.

The platform is very secure with industry standards. For instance, AES-256-bit encryption, SOC2 authentic data centers, and secure socket layer encryption. Besides, the application contains a risk-based authentication feature to cushion privacy risks. It is also HIPPA-compliant.

GoToMeeting provides many benefits to the companies, or organizations. It plays an important role in boosting employee productivity. Through this, it is easy to collaborate with remote team members. Also, through the app, users can integrate online meetings into their regular individual meetings. It enables employees to finish projects quickly by conducting online review sessions.

Furthermore, the GoToMeeting software contributes to increase in sales. With this application, business owners can turn sales calls into instant demonstrations in one click. Companies through GoToMeeting, can qualify prospects by carrying out online presentations. They can also review sales agreements online. Consulting is also easier since anyone can consult from anywhere. The company can keep the clients up to date while evading expensive on-site visits. They can also share documents securely, designs, and projects remotely. With the help of drawing tools, individuals can highlight main ideas on-screen.

Additionally, GoToMeeting helps in reducing training costs. This is because the organization can update remote customers, and employees without travelling. In the same connection, it helps the businesses to host training sessions more often at low costs. Most importantly, it assists in providing online support. Through GoToMeeting, users can share the client’s desktop to resolve technical problems. Team members can work together on a customer’s issue. Therefore, this tool is important to individuals who frequently support customers online.

When it comes to joining meetings, there are multiple options. For instance, you can join through the desktop app on Windows, or Mac. Join via chrome browser online, and via on the go from an iOS or Android device. When using a browser, launch your browser and google Enter the meeting ID then press enter.

You can then personalize your audio, camera, and performance preferences if it is necessary before the session. Select OK, I’m ready when the session is ongoing or join when the meeting starts. The meeting invitation comes with a custom password that you can use if need arises. Later, you can switch to desktop version is your system meets the requirements. You can do this during the session to enjoy full features.

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