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gSyncit is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook developed to sync activities and events effectively. It is highly resource efficient and is automatically disabled when power saving mode is turned on. Whether you are a PC user or own a mobile device, this software is capable of helping you with its features. It assists you keeping track of major happenings in your life through digital reminder alerts.

Software description

As the name suggests, gSyncit offers synchronization capabilities for PCs and mobile phones. You can install it on multiple devices to sync Outlook activities via different accounts. It is a licensed tool offered by Fieldston Software. An unregistered version is also available for free use but it has limited features. It is a user friendly cross platform application through which you can remember important events and view Emails without delay. It is available for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. Whether you are using 32 bit or 64 bit OS, you can get its relevant version from internet.

gSyncit is known for its efficient synchronization features across different devices. You need to log in to your Gmail account for synchronizing calendar events, contact lists, scheduled tasks and notes. However, it is preferred to ensure that no activity is repeated to avoid mistakes. You can avail both one-way and two-way services for efficient results. You can also sync other apps such as Toodledo, Wunderlist, Pocket Informant, Dropbox, Simplenote, Evernote, Nozbe, Fruux, HostGator and many more. Cloud services including iCloud, GMX, AOL, Yahoo, CalDav, ownCloud and Memotoo are also supported.

It is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook through which various types of activities can be synced after successful configuration of server. Synchronization feature is acquired by integrating API platforms of Google and Toodledo v3. You can remember meetings, birthdays and life events by enabling colors for each category and log into multiple accounts using single interface. Its content filters and sync options can be customized for choosing specific kinds of events that you wish to sync. Duplicate entries can be omitted during sync process and Duplicate removal wizard can be used too for searching any duplication.

Upon installing gSyncit, an additional toolbar appears in Microsoft Outlook. The user interface of this tool is simple yet attractive. Sync calendar, sync contacts, sync notes and sync tasks are its major options. You can access its settings to customize its functionalities and appearance. It allows you to modify calendar mapping, enable content filters, choose sync options, specify sync range and categorize content on the basis of well-defined categories.

It is a useful application through which daily tasks, birthdays, meeting reminders, helpful notes and other necessary activities can be synchronized across multiple devices and services. Activities are refreshed on pre-defined time intervals to keep synchronization up to date. It helps you remember events by generating notification alerts on specific time. It is a customizable tool that satisfies its users by allowing them to modify its operations. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook and offers support for Google, Yahoo and other known mail servers.

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