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Hippani Animator is a vector graphics tool capable of creating high quality videos, apps and animations mostly for websites and mobile phones. It is rich in terms of functions and provides advanced options for web designers, web developers and mobile app developers. It is a great tool for creating user friendly content that can run even on older browsers.







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Software description

For most people these days, generating income comes from their websites. Be it a blog or e-commerce, creating heavy traffic on you website will surely pay off bigtime. But how will you create consistent traffic on your website? Content. That’s the secret ingredient on how to engage people to keep them coming back for more. But content alone is not a surefire way of attracting millions of visitors to your site.

Hippani Animatorwill help you out. You may wonder what is Hippani Animator. Hippani Animator is an HTML or web animation tool that will bring life to your webpages on all platforms, It will give more vibrance to your website, thus, attracting more visitors by the thousands, if not by the millions!

Formerly known as Hippo Animator, Hippani Animatoris a lavish animation studio with countless options for exporting. You can easily create apps, movies, mobile games, and HTML animation with Hippani Animator.

Excellent Software

An animation studio packed with superb features. Novice users can easily start using it from scratch, and experts can take the opportunity to explore its high-end properties

Convenient Interface

With its intuitive timeline system, beginners can simply add new scenes, key frames, and sounds quite simply. For advanced users, they can use JavaScript engines in making apps and complex animations.

Scalable HTML

Plugins like Silverlight, Flash, and Java are not supported in Windows 8, tablets, or smartphones. With Hippani Animator, you can convert your animation into an HTML page that scales to fit in any web page browser size.

Publishable Apps

You can convert your web apps to Android, iOS, and Windows phone apps which then can be submitted to Google, Windows, and Apple app stores.

Old Browser Compatibility

It supports old and new versions of the Internet Explorer web browser.

Vector Graphics

Using vector graphics will let you download fast with smooth edges of any movie scale size.

Image Editor

You can edit your image with Hippani Animator’s built-in image editor. Crop, resize, flip, rotate, and add effects to your image without leaving the application.


With a vast list of commands, there is no need for scripting to add interactivity.

Advanced HTML Objects

Add transitions in between objects like slide or fade. Add image grids and slideshows.


Uses HTML5 with Adobe Flash as backup to play videos. You can add a video from YouTube or Vimeo, or add videos in MP4, Ogg, and WebM formats.


Add music and background effects to your apps and animations.

JavaScript Engine

Make complex games and advanced interactive applications and web pages with the help of the built-in JavaScript engine.

Whether you want to create games and applications as a hobby or source of income, HIppani Animator will surely help you fulfill those goals. Create stunning interactive websites for your clients. Entertain your children with animated games. You can do whatever you desire in web animation or application building with HIppani Animator by your side. No need to master scripting languages for your websites or apps. Hippani Animator will do it for you!

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