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HomeGuard Professional is a useful application that every parent and office manager should try. This advanced tool helps network administrators in monitoring the use of internet and PC on connected systems. The collected information is stored in compressed form and is encrypted before transmitting over network.









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Protecting your family doesn’t stop with only educating them about the dangers of the web. Proper online protection should continuously monitor and safeguard them. Even if they already know about the do’s and don’ts of online security, you should always go to some extent to be sure. One way to do it is by deploying a network and device protection tool for your family. HomeGuard Pro is a reliable and powerful software in this area. If you want the best online and digital security for your family, look no further than HomeGuard Pro.

HomeGuard Pro: Highlight Features

  • Identity and blocks harmful and inappropriate sites
  • Detailed statistics on device usage
  • Screen capture for essential activities
  • Reliable and robust device and network firewall
  • Stealth mode

What can a network and device protection tool do?

The advancement of modern technology has brought advantages to all people worldwide. Yes, it is truly magnificent to look at what we, humans, had achieved. Today, more and more activities are done online. Also, files and data are stored and transferred over digital devices and even online services. While this may be a convenient and faster way of sending or storing files, it poses some risk.

While technology advances, cybercriminals also found ways and workarounds to bypass and do nasty things to the platforms or devices people use. They would stop at nothing to infiltrate a network or device that someone owns. Your family, more than anyone else, needs protection from these possible harmful attacks. The best way to secure your family and network is by using a network and device protection tool.

HomeGuard Pro aims to streamline the protection of your family, their devices, and your home network. It features many indispensable tools that add different security layers to your home.

HomeGuard Pro: Major Features

Identities and blocks harmful and inappropriate sites

If a family member accidentally visits or some sites had redirected them to dangerous and inappropriate places, HomeGuard Pro will automatically take action. It will prevent the browser from loading a particular website and even adds it to its blacklisted items. It will reflect the event on the main dashboard, so you know the full story accordingly. If a site is added to the blacklist, it is no longer available for visit by any device in your family.

Detailed statistics on device usage

You can view the statistics of your family’s device usage. It reflects the details regarding screen time, the internet data bandwidth used by each app, and mouse and keyboard stroke records. Besides, it lets you block specific programs to be installed or opened on any devices your family owns.

Screen capture for essential activities

There is a feature to screen record and filter crucial activities such as chat and emails. Also, you can monitor printers and USB devices. If you want to get more control, you can set rules for how long family members can use the internet and monitor their network connection and notifications.

Reliable and robust device and network firewall

Protect your home network and devices with a resilient and reliable firewall. Hackers will not be able to infiltrate your home network and compromise your devices. Safeguard your data and family from potential intruders. Use HomeGuard Pro now.

Stealth mode

HomeGuard Pro is hidden from plain sight. Only you can view the main dashboard and operate the app. It’s irremovable from your computer and devices, so hackers and even your kids can’t bypass the security of HomeGuard Pro.

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