ICQ Download

ICQ is an instant messaging service, which is used to make video calls, play in real time and chat.

Software details

Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

What is ICQ? It is an easy to use messenger service offering you free video messaging and live chat capabilities. The name ICQ was derived from the English’s words I seek you with a mission to bring people in a fun and engaging way. . They are the first messenger that seamlessly integrates neural networks.

With this app you can be assured that your experience will be a safe and exciting one using securely encrypted calls for your protection. ICQ makes your satisfaction a priority by ensuring you high quality videos. with clear focus. They also offer a variety of filters and call options allowing you to be unique and customize you messenger experience.

With a variety of features and creative engaging options, your chats can be a new discovery each time. It is easy and fast to install as well as allowing you to import contacts from your other online services (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, ect.) .

Once launched the program displays a colorful customizable interface. Also allowing you to edit your images. The painless process has you up and ready to mingle in no time with friends and the chance to discover new friends all the way across the globe.

Within the app text is a large focus. You can add some flavor to your texts with smileys and tzers, which are like live messenger winks.

Beyond the smileys you can also change your font color and save your messages. Feeling artistic? Create and design your own stickers for use within all your chats. There are various games you can choose to play with your friends. Also for your convenience, when you find your hands are a bit tied up, there is a speech to text option for messages.

ICQ also provides you with the ability to to share files with you friends over the phone. Your video chats have incredible high image quality allowing you to stay connected. Express yourself uniquely with animated 3D masks and fun filters while you live video chat with your friends. Want to connect with a few friends together? You can create group chats with unlimited people and channels in the app. You also have the chance to synchronize chats across multiple devices for your own comfort.

Yet best of all is the integration of your social media sites (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, ect). This giving you the ability the to stay current on what your friends are up to. With the option to track your friends activities from the app you don’t ever have to miss a thing.

While they have been around for 20 years, ICQ is always working to improve and change with the technology of today, providing you with a modern, up to date, service that is easy to navigate and highly user friendly. The service is compatible across several platforms with over 10,000,000 downloads. Not only is ICQ free and easy to get started, it is also ad free. No pesky ads while you navigate through the app.