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Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer, was the official web browser for Windows until July 2022. Microsoft developed Explorer as part of its operating system. Used by millions of people at colleges and universities worldwide, they provide access to millions of web pages and proprietary websites.

Software details

Windows 10

Software description

Web browsers run on a host operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Today’s most popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. In addition, it incorporates different technologies. These technologies include ActiveX control support, Java, Apple, 128-bit encryption on stored passwords, bookmark management, and favorites. Let’s look closely at Internet Explorer’s abilities and what they accomplish.

Javascript Engine

JavaScript is an Internet Explorer-compatible scripting language. The primary function of JavaScript is to ensure complex features run on the web. For example, through JavaScript, Internet Explorer displays timely content updates, animated graphics, and interactive maps. In computer languages and coding, JavaScript comes after HTML and CSS. Javascript stores crucial information inside variables, run operations on tests and runs codes for events on a webpage. You can enable JavaScript in the internet options menu with tools in Internet Explorer.

F12 Developer Tools

The F12 developer tools are tools you use to design, debug, or view web page source code and behavior. To open the F12 developer option tools, press F12 or the F12 developer tools in the dropdown menu. There have been notable improvements to the F12 developer tools in Internet Explorer, such as features and bug fixes for the F12 UI, Dom explorer, Emulation tools, console, UI responsiveness, and memory profiling tools.

Hardware Accelerated Graphics

Hardware acceleration loads the internet explorer to move graphics rendering from the CPU to the graphics processing unit (GPU). Using computer code to portray text and graphics on your screen is known as “rendering.” Unfortunately, the feature is only present in Internet Explorer 9 and above.

When the video card supports GPU hardware acceleration and second-level address translation, it uses software rendering instead of GPU rendering in the following instances.

  • When the program runs on a remote desktop and the internet server is
  • When the GPU and driver have issues affecting reliability, functionality, and performance in Internet Explorer. For example, navigating Internet Explorer does not respond through websites or when web content renders slowly.

Domain Highlighting

Domain highlighting is showcasing an address’s domain name so that users can examine it in the address bar to determine the legitimacy of a website. The importance of domain highlighting in Internet Explorer is to prevent phishing and fraudsters from accessing important private information on websites. Although some research indicates that domain highlighting is not that effective, researchers agree that it attracts visual attention to the highlighted domains, enabling knowledgeable users to identify phishing attacks.

Visual Search Providers

90 % of the information the human mind receives is visual. Search providers allow machines to perceive, comprehend, and act on what they see, much like people. For example, Internet Explorer’s search providers are also now accessible to power Internet Explorer’s search suggestions and auto-search in the address bar.

You can install several search providers on your PC, but you can only set one provider as the default provider. The visual search includes all the searches that use bonafide images, such as screenshots and pictures. An example of this process is using Pinterest to search for images or doing a style match.

Visual search develops queries from your searches. Additionally, it gives answers similar to your search when you are unsure what you are looking for. Some visual searches are Bing visual search, Amazon, and Google Lens. Facebook, Instagram, and Apple also use visual search engines.

The One Box

The One Box helps users in many different ways around Internet Explorer. Onebox enables a user to search for a site, navigate a site, access browsing history, see suggestions from search providers, switch between search providers, and view favorites. The keystrokes keep Internet Explorer private. PCs connected to corporate domains can find intranet sites using single words with a forward slash.

Download The Manager With a SmartScreen Filter Integration

Microsoft created a download reputation rating to help users distinguish between high-risk and well-known downloads to safeguard its customers from malware in downloads. Once it detects malware, it blocks the site even if the sites are not yet blocked by antivirus or antimalware. However, Internet Explorer remains the only browser using download reputation to assist its customers.

To turn the SmartScreen filter on, select settings, and then, under services, turn Internet Explorer Defender SmartScreen on.

Since its inception in the 1990s, Internet Explorer has been Microsoft’s default web browser. However, it has faced unending threats from other web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla. Consequently, it has risen to the task and occupies its place as the number one browser. Microsoft Edge took the place of Internet Explorer as the default web browser. However, Internet Explorer is still usable for some versions incompatible with Microsoft edge.