IPVanish Download

IPVanish is a VPN service that ensures your internet access is secure and private. It accomplishes this by routing connections through its server network.

Software details

Android APK
Android / iphone / mac / Windows 11 / Windows PC

Software description

IPVanish makes it difficult for internet providers to track your browsing activities, downloads, and location. Additionally, IPVanish protects, against network throttling and censorship by hiding your traffic. It also offers features like NAT firewall traversal to maintain speed with the VPN. To further enhance privacy, it includes ad blocking and packet metadata scrambling. With user clients for major platforms and routers, IPVanish aims to make internet access anonymous when using mobile networks. By combining encryption, obfuscation, and scrambling technologies IPVanish provides a connection, for users.



IPVanish uses the accepted AES 256-bit encryption to ensure the security of all network traffic passing through its VPN tunnels. This type of encryption which can use by organizations shields data from ISPs, hackers, and other unauthorized parties during transmission. The decryption keys are only accessible to the intended recipients ensuring that exchanges remain private. Moreover, both internet and LAN traffic can encrypt when using the VPN service guaranteeing a tunnel, for all your connectivity.

Data Privacy

IPVanish prioritizes users’ anonymity, through a policy of not keeping any logs. This means that no connection logs, IP addresses, browsing data, or user activity on their VPN servers can track or store. As a result, it is not possible to link accounts with usage patterns or traffic. IPVanish also utilizes shared IP addresses of assignment to further enhance anonymity within their user base. The zero logs policy has been independent. Ensures that users can enjoy data privacy without leaving any traceable trail or possibility of profiling based on their usage.

Kill Switch

To add a layer of security IPVanish offers a Kill Switch feature that automatically cuts off internet access if the VPN connection drops. This effectively prevents any data leaks or exposure of your IP address in case the VPN connection fails for any reason. Specifically, the Kill Switch immediately disables internet access on your system when the VPN disconnects. During this time no traffic can. For protection, you can configure the Kill Switch to block connections on a per-app basis well. Ultimately this feature eliminates any networking gaps where traffic could potentially bypass the VPN tunnel and compromise your privacy.

 Multiple Server Locations

IPVanish offers over 1,900 servers across more than 75 locations giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred server based on speed or legal jurisdiction. Connecting through endpoints, it prevents all your activities in a single geographic location. This diverse server network also makes it easier to avoid censorship. What sets IPVanish apart is that they own their servers so there’s no reliance on parties.

They have internal access controls in place to enhance privacy and security further. With server coverage users can effectively disguise their digital footprint by spreading out their connections rather than relying on a few centralized gateways. Ultimately IPVanishs global infrastructure provides flexibility in shifting your location and evading restrictions.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

One of the benefits of using IPVanish is its ability to bypass geographic content restrictions and access internet services. By routing your internet traffic through servers located in regions you can overcome limitations based on your physical location. This gives you access to content without any filters or restrictions. Many media sites, streaming platforms, and apps often restrict access to content when you’re abroad.

However, with the IPVanishs range of servers, you can virtually step outside your own region and unlock everything available regardless of where you are located. You can enjoy access, to the internet no matter where you are located.