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Kaspersky AntiVirus What do you expect from an antivirus? To protect your PC (desktop), laptop, and network. To automatically detect threats without having to worry every time you open a website or an application. To update virus definitions automatically so that you do not have to worry about new viruses on the web, ease of use, simplicity. If you are looking for all the above then you are probably on your way to download Kaspersky Anti-Virus, but there is much more to Kaspersky Anti-Virus then, just the above.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Kaspersky Lab is a cyber security firm that specializes in the development of antivirus software. It released the first version of the Kaspersky AntiVirus 2019 program in 1989. The specific aim of this program was to find and remove the Cascade Virus. This virus infected thousands of computers worldwide throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s. Kaspersky dealt with it effectively. Consequently, its popularity among computer users soared. However, the program became a household name in 1998.

At this time, a student in Taiwan released the CIH virus. Initially, the Kaspersky AntiVirus was the only antivirus program that was capable of detecting this virus and removing it. Eventually, other programs found ways of dealing with it as well. Today, Kaspersky is one of the most popular antivirus programs worldwide. Here are its features in addition to other pieces of information that you should know.

• The Principal Components Found In Kaspersky
Kaspersky is available in a free-premium model. That means there is no cost attached to the installation and use of this antivirus. In fact, you can take advantage of four components in the free option. These components are file, web, email, and IM protection. Moreover, adjusting them to reflect your preferences is possible. More specifically, you can turn these features on or off depending on what you want from your Kaspersky AntiVirus.

Interestingly, the premium option of this program has an additional component known as the System Watcher. This component has four capabilities. It can block malicious applications that are exploiting vulnerabilities in your computer’s software. It can roll back malware actions, and it offers you protection against ransomware. The fourth capability is a control system when it comes to detecting suspicious applications and taking action against them.

• Specific Tasks That Kaspersky Handles
The Kaspersky Lab designed this program to handle specified tasks, i.e., the detection and removal of worms, Trojans, adware, and spyware from computer systems. The Kaspersky team created it to detect and remove malicious tools, auto-dialers, and key-loggers as well. It is worth noting that protecting computers against this malware is another critical function of this antivirus program.

Did you know that the Kaspersky AntiVirus has safeguards against automatic disablement by malware? In other words, malware programs that disable antivirus software automatically cannot do that when it comes to Kaspersky. Did you also know that Kaspersky scans your incoming emails? Then it disables any links that have connections to malware-hosting sites. These features are incredible explaining why so many people love and use this antivirus program. However, it has several flaws as well.

For instance, it lacks several features that are available in Kaspersky Internet Security. These features include a secure keyboard, a personalized firewall, and parental controls. Another problematic area is that Kaspersky AntiVirus is incompatible with other antivirus programs. That means you cannot use it with different antivirus software.

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