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League of Legends is an award-winning multiplayer online battle arena.

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League of Legends is a video game in which players control characters known as champions. A match pits two teams of five players against each other on Summoner’s Rift in player-versus-player combat, each champion possessing unique abilities and styles of play that separate it from all others. Champions gain experience and gold from fighting minions or other champions; their earnings can then be used to purchase items to increase power or unlock abilities faster. Ultimately, their objective should be destroying an opposing team’s base (known as Nexus). Although free-to-play games exist within, players may buy in-game currency quickly unlock champions quicker.

Before each match begins, players choose their champion in “champion selection”, the lobby prior to starting a match. Each champion offers different roles and playstyles; therefore choosing the appropriate one for any given battle can be crucial to its success in League. Currently there are 161 champions available within League, with an ongoing free-to-play roster making for plenty of options each week.

First step to League success is understanding its core mechanics. There are four core aspects of its user interface which all players should learn: health points, mana, item build order and vision. Each champion starts the game with a certain number of health points displayed as green bars in their user interfaces; these will slowly replenish over time but an enemy champion’s death may cause this amount to decrease; any gold rewards earned through kills go directly back into your pockets! Mana serves as resource that most champions need in order to cast abilities; this indicator also displays how much is left – check back often on your user interface!

Every player starts off the game with a basic item set, but can quickly advance their level by winning games and unlocking rewards from the shop. League of Legends features multiple tiers for its items; each higher one provides increased stats. Therefore it is essential that players understand which items to buy when and always build full sets at once instead of buying individual pieces individually.

There are three main areas of Summoner’s Rift map, and each lane offers unique gameplay. The top lane is typically isolated and serves as an area to tank against enemies or provide crowd control; mid lane is popular as it focuses on overwhelming damage output from range or behind enemy lines from marksmen or assassins respectively; bot lane has less appeal but offers greater late game carry potential due to early access to higher-level items.

As soon as your team moves beyond laning phase of the game, your focus must shift to helping support their entire map presence. One effective method for doing this is the placement of wards which give key locations on the map some visibility for team-mate champions, turrets, or minions to see your team members as they maneuver across it.

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