League of Legends

League of Legends Download

League of Legends is an award-winning multiplayer online battle arena. Players take control of over 150 customizable champions and enjoy a game that has an award-winning international reputation and a competitive PVP scene.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

League of Legends, often referred to just as Legends, is free to download multiplayer online battle arena game. Gamers create a team of five powerful champions to take on a powerful rival. Both teams have the same goal; to destroy the other’s base, the Nexus. To help gamers achieve their objective, champions are strategically chosen from over 140 available options. Champions are chosen based on their ability to create epic plays, take down towers, and secure kills. Once a team is built, the objective is to clear a lane and destroy the other team’s Nexus. But, the path to the other’s Nexus isn’t easy. It will be filled with the other team’s minions, turrets, and Baron Nasher, the most destructive monster in the jungle.


  • Choose your difficulty level from easy to hard
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Multiplayer game
  • Strengthen your team by perfecting champions’ gifts
  • Earn experience and gold for continued play
  • Replenish your team from your base’s fountain

Feature Highlights

Choose Your Champion

Choose your champion when you begin League of Legends. The strategy game includes 140 champions to choose from. Each champion has a box of gifts that are unique to them. Creating the right combination of champions is the key to conquering League of Legends. As gamers play League of Legends, passive experience points and gold will be acquired. With experience points and gold, gamers can head to League of Legends shop to increase their character’s strength in League of Legends. Gamers can opt to master one character or conquer them all. Champion specialties include assassins, fighters, mages, sharpshooters, supporters, and tanks. The best Champion teams will have a combination of different character types.

Customize Your Champion

Give your champion a look of their own by customizing your player. A variety of skins are available to customize the character. Some skins are available as in-app purchases, and others are earned.

Choose How You Want to Play

League of Legends offers gamers a variety of ways to play. The most popular game mode is 5v5, where gamers clear lanes and defend territory. Random mode keeps you on your toes with automatic, random gameplay. And lastly, the free-for-all option lets you choose a team that can outlast seven opponents to achieve victory.

Take it Easy or Challenge Yourself with Harder Gameplay

When you set up your gamer profile, you can play on easy mode, medium mode, or hard mode. With different game mode options, you can play League of Legends the way you like. Once you’ve conquered the easy mode, you can move on to the more difficult medium mode or test how far you’ve come with the hard mode. In each mode, you’ll find a variety of different players who can help hone your gaming skills.