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Maxthon Browser is a complete package for internet users. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, you will surely be interested in using the cloud browser after having a look at its various options and features.

Software description

The Maxthon browser, also known as MyIE2, is a freeware web browser supported by most operating systems such as Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. Developed by Maxthon Ltd company and first released in 2006, Maxthon browser has continued to get more and more upgrades from its developers making it a more convenient browser for most users. Maxthon makes use of two such engines namely; Webkit and Trident.

Maxthon browser comes with many amazing features some of which even lack in other commonly used browsers. One of them is the split screen browsing. This unique feature enables you to view web pages separately but in the same window. Split screen browsing makes browsing in on the internet faster and also makes it easier to gather information from multiple web pages. Maxthon also makes use of a tabbed document interface which is used to restore a web page to its original state in case the browser crashes or experiences any problems. If one closes an open tab accidentally, you can use the “undo” option to restore it.

One annoying thing when one is browsing is the presence of ads that are in nearly all web pages. With the “Ad Hunter” utility in Maxthon browser, you can block all advertisements ads that pop up on your web page. It also has an inbuilt feature to block Flash, Java, and ActiveX. With Maxthon, you can change the overall look to of the browser to your like. To ease scrolling through web pages, Maxthon supports user-programmable mouse gestures and mouse chording. Maxthon also supports a reader for Really Simple Syndication (RSS) which is an XML formatted text. Lastly, it supports Internet Explorer plugins, which is the default browser for all Windows computers.

In the year 2016, a team of Cybersecurity analyst and researchers found out that Maxthon browser collected user’s data and sent it to the remote servers in Beijing and China. These experts discovered that Maxthon collected and sent sensitive browsing and system data such as; the status of ad blockers in the browser, websites visited and how many times, and user applications installed together with their port numbers.

According to Maxthon, the data collected was used to improve the usability of the browser. However, these researchers found out that the browser sent data even when it was not running. Maxthon developers argued out saying that was a bug which would be fixed once identified. They stated that security and privacy are top priorities at Maxthon.

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