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McAfee Virus Definitions is a licensed product whose different versions are available for home users and corporate usage. This software enables you to scan your PC to point out the occurrence of the virus, keep browsing secure with firewall protection, detect and quarantine spyware or Trojan horse, remove rootkit and perform a real-time scan on memory.








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Software description

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to secure the devices and online accounts we use. For this reason, many companies had built empires and created a whole new type of industry, cybersecurity. The most famous and widely-used security products are antivirus software. Currently, there are thousands of this software available for free or for a premium price. Indeed, it’s a great way to stay safe online. However, it’s not perfect. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to make them better.

One of the ways to enhance the capability of your antivirus is by using a virus signature updater. It’s a type of software that scans and monitors new information regarding discoveries of unknown viruses, threats, and attacks. It does the best that it can to obtain signatures of malware and other vulnerabilities.

Since antivirus software is downloaded and installed on the computer, version updates alone are not enough to keep your antivirus tool up-to-date with the latest cyber issues. Given how fast the Internet moves, the number of viruses is also growing every day.

McAfee Virus Definitions, a highly-reliable offering from McAfee, aims to solve this issue. It’s a free tool that provides your antivirus program with the latest virus signatures every day. If you’re looking to enhance your security system, this is one way to do it. Download and utilize the power of McAfee Virus Definitions.

  • Regular virus signature research
  • Automatic update
  • Compatible with most antivirus software
  • Backward compatibility with old Windows OS versions
  • Lightweight package




Regular virus signature research

McAfee Virus Definitions’ engine is continuously checking the web for the latest information regarding virus and malware signatures. It does this regularly so no virus will be able to pass your security tool’s layer of protection. It ensures that your program of choice isn’t left behind on being secure. Rest assured, you can rely on it to stay safe online.

Automatic update

After fetching hundreds of virus signatures from the web, McAfee Virus DefinitionsMcAfee Virus Definitions will compile them into a convenient package. It will then automatically update them to your antivirus program. There is no need for you to do anything for McAfee Virus Definitions will always run without fail.

Compatible with most antivirus software

McAfee Virus Definitions is best when used with McAfee’s security tools. However, you’re not forced not to use anything other than their offerings. Instead, the developer made it open for integration even to security tools distributed by other companies. McAfee believed that security is a right and that everyone should have access to tools and systems to stay safe online.

Backward compatibility with old Windows OS versions

You don’t have to worry about your old laptop, not being supported. McAfee Virus Definitions accepts and works great even on machines that run older versions of Windows.

Lightweight package

McAfee Virus Definitions packages signature in a .dat file making it easier to obtain and install them. The tool itself doesn’t consume too much computer resources to experience significant lag while working on other things on your device.

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