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McAfee WebAdvisor is an effective internet security tool with which you can keep your online experience safer than earlier. It assists you in avoiding potentially harmful websites by skimming through their content and pointing out the presence of malware. It is a useful browser add-on in terms of functions, but its accuracy is under question.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

McAfee WebAdvisor is a reliable solution that guides you regarding this matter and ensures secure internet browsing. It performs detailed analysis and generates reports by collecting information. This report is helpful in determining the credibility of the website and helps you in deciding whether you should visit it again or not. It is a browser plugin that is integrated with selected web browsers and can through an icon in menu bar.

Website Reputation:
Upon choosing the option named View Site Report, McAfee WebAdvisor opens a new tab where you can view the report on the chosen webpage. The web reputation shows the security level which can be minimal risk, unverified, medium risk or high risk. The indication is made clear with the help of suitable colors so that you can determine it at a glance. Moreover, Threat Detail section also tells about the safety of the website. It displays the category of business and the details of any active threats. This tool helps you stay safe from malware attacks when you want to download any file or view content.

Real-Time Protection:
McAfee WebAdvisor, previously known as McAfee SiteAdvisor, is a trusted name in the field of online security. It contains a firewall that ensures protection from attacks by hackers or spies. WebAdvisor keeps an eye on search engines as well as requested websites. It checks the reliability of webpage before allowing the user to access it. The processes are carried out quickly to avoid lagging. It is compatible with all popular browsers, and you can embed it with them to enable Firewall safety.

Secure Browsing:
The major benefit of the application is that it prevents access to lousy website links that intentionally or accidentally. It is capable of correcting the links to websites if there are any spelling errors. Some sites contain download links of files.

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