Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge is a Web Browsing software that was created and published by Microsoft Inc.

Software details

Android / iphone / Windows 10

Software description

Microsoft Edge is a Web Browsing software that was created and published by Microsoft Inc. The web browser was introduced a few years ago with the intention of improving the browsing experience. Microsoft Edge was introduced mainly to replace internet Explorer, another web browser by Microsoft Inc. At first, Microsoft had released a version only compatible with windows 11 but later released other versions for different user interfaces. Compared to internet explorer, the software is much better in terms of performance and security of your privacy and data.

Browsing experience

There is no doubt much improvement generally with Microsoft Edge. The web browser has tools like voice search that allows you to type much faster by commanding the browser through speech. The browser then analysis the speech and from what you have requested it gets you the search results. If you have a photo of writing you want to search, Microsoft Edge is able to scan it and get the content you are looking for from the internet. It’s as simple as taking a photo or talking without having to necessary typing what you want.


Personalizing your content with Microsoft Edge is very easy. You can favorite the important content, that way it becomes easier for you to find it. In fact, you can even organize the tabs to have better and less confusing tabs. Whenever you want to refer to something you have saved or browsed before, history, books, and reading lists are all in the same place for better convenience.

Security and privacy

When browsing online, your devices may be exposed to threats such as malware and hackers. Microsoft Edge has a feature that blocks the pop-ups and ads that at times result in malware attack to the devices. All passwords are safe from external hackers who may try to access your data. Microsoft Edge also has a feature that allows you to save password and login credentials so that you don’t have to type again whenever you are revisiting an account. This saves you a lot of time and possible termination of accounts due to forgotten passwords. Of course, you have to permit Microsoft edge the permission to save these passwords otherwise it will not save them.

Other tools and features

Microsoft Edge is able to sync data from different devices. If for instance, you had opened a website page on your computer, you can continue with the page from where you left at using your phone as the browser can sync both devices. Microsoft Edge has been made to support the major Microsoft products such as 4K Ultra HD, the Xbox, HoloLens, Mixed Reality, and Dolby Audio. The software also has some learning tools that help users learn proper pronunciation and Microsoft’s virtual assistant Microsoft Cortana.
Microsoft edge has been made compatible with windows 7 and above and a version compatible with Mac OS and iOS devices is also available. This browser is able to accommodate the new HTML technology which is a huge step to keep up with technology.