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Microsoft Family Safety is a freeware providing parental restriction to kids. It helps parents set boundaries for their kids and setting up filters. This ensures they do not access inappropriate content online.

Software description

Microsoft Family Safety is a parental monitoring software. It’s more like other monitoring applications but this one is comprehensive. To begin with, it provides several restrictions that limits child access. It is a freeware that is available for download on apps and play stores. Microsoft Family Safety runs in iOS, Android and Windows devices. It keeps a family together, and make sure whatever each individual is doing is safe.

In addition, parents create Microsoft Family Safety accounts, and then add their kid’s emails. Links are send on the kids’ devices . Upon clicking the link they join the family. One account accommodates up to six people. It is efficient for smaller families with few individuals. The parent is the one who manages this account. they is the administrator and can change any setting or remove any member. To maintain the purpose of Microsoft Family Safety, the parent remains the sole administrator as per the recommendations.

Furthermore, parents put restrictions on kids accounts. There is a level screen timer, through this the parent makes sure that children can only use their phones for a certain period of time. They can vary the screen time out restrictions from one child to another depending on various reasons. Kids can only access their phones or PCs for specific duration. Past set time the operating system ceases to function.

Additionally, there is app and browser restrictions that allows parents set app filters. They serve out inappropriate apps and suggests suitable ones depending on the kids age. When the kid tries to access unauthorized apps. Microsoft Family Safety will automatically block them completely.

Setting browser filters also helps a lot since it serves out other browsers leaving Microsoft Edge browser as the sole browser. It disables all other browsers like chrome. Whenever the kids try to visit websites that contain adult or sensitive content, Microsoft Family Safety denies them access. Also, it automatically syncs all the activities by a member of a family. The parents will access what the kids were doing.

Moreover, Microsoft Family Safety provides location sharing. The parent is capable of monitoring movements of all the kids at once. This however may not work effectively this is because the kids have to select whether to accept location sharing or not. Driving restriction works handy with location sharing. Parents monitor their kids driving behaviour.

They are able to know how many times their kid holds the phone while driving. It also shows how many times they brake and stop along the way. They get to know the speed their kids drive. On the map rapid dots will show on the map at points where there was over speeding.

In addition, it has a simple intuitive interface that it is free from any complications. Any individual can easily use it regardless of their level of education. The parents interface might be complex due to managing measures present but kids’ interfaces are simple. The parent is able to access everyone’s profile and set-up restrictions; they are personal depending on various factors.

When creating a profile, anyone below 13 years will not be able to set up the profile without parents help. While trying to access inaccessible sites or apps, the app notifies the kid to ask permission from the parent.

Another crucial aspect is that the parent should disable guest mode on the family account. This measure prevents kids from resetting measures put in place so that they can fully access all aps and websites. These restrictions might narrow down to Xbox, to regulate games the children plays. Microsoft Family Safety is free but some features are premium. To get the best out of it , you have to purchase a premium package. It comes with a complete Microsoft 365 package. Everyone in the family can use it freely.

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