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Microsoft Planner is a tool for management of tasks that makes it easier to plan daily activities for individuals and teamwork. It is a great and efficient app for tracking and managing work remotely and physically.

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Microsoft Planner is a work management software that people use to list what they need to do. It is part of an Office 365 platform and serves as a to-do list for handling small projects without having to plan a lot. The user can assign and organize tasks with set deadlines and an option to share files and communicate with other team members. The interface of this tool uses task cards in the interface of a Kanban board on both mobile devices and computers.

The Kanban boards in Microsoft Planner can assist project managers to make plans and assign tasks. There is a feature for chatting which encourages collaboration with other people and users can track and see the progress of tasks. This tool offers project management experience without paying too much money as it offers tools such as task lists and calendars. Many casual users who have personal projects to plan and execute will use Microsoft Planner to manage them.

When it comes to handling tasks, Microsoft Planner is on of the powerful applications to use. It has Kanban boards which are useful in assigning and tracking tasks and staying up-to-date on the completion of tasks. It has a to-do list which is for entering task information and prioritizing work. There is a schedule view which allows the users to view tasks on a calendar.

Also, the group and filter tasks feature enable users to filter tasks according to their deadlines and know which tasks are coming soon. It has a collaborative task management which is the area where one can see all the tasks and the team members in collaboration can comment on the files. In addition, there is a feature where the user can assign tasks to more than one team member, unlike other task management tools. The feature that allows better tracking of deadlines is getting email notifications.

Also, Microsoft Planner is free to all users who have access to Microsoft 365. However, if the user does not have the account he, or she has to purchase the access. The user does not have to pay for both tools but only Office 365. Being part of Microsoft 365 gives it the advantage of cloud storage; and security and it can work with multiple devices at the same time.

The subscription has a 30-day free trial which allows the users to use the application without paying but for business, they can subscribe to one for business level. The plans that the users can subscribe to are the Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard, Premium, and Microsoft 365 for Business plan. The advantages of using Microsoft Planner include a Kanban board that has an interface that is easy to use.

Also, the email notifications in Microsoft Planner make it possible to stay on top of the task list and meet deadlines. The information that the user needs to manage tasks is all in one place and the calendar view lets the user set deadlines how they want. The application can allow the addition of external access whereby one can introduce a new user to the project and give them access.

Working with this tool enables a user to follow up with the tasks that the team members are doing. There are disadvantages that the user may face when using Microsoft Planner as a task management tool. The application does not have a way to set tasks that occur many times which forces the user to write them all down despite being similar.

Also, the feature responsible for risk management is not available in the application which means there is no way to identify any issues that may arise. The lack of in-app notifications to show the user of any updates or reminders forces the user to leave the app and check email notifications. Moreover, there is no way to check the which team member is free for task assigning.