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Minecraft is a video game consisting of blocks that you can play around with into whatever you can imagine. You can play in Creative mode with unending resources, or hunt for tools to take care of yourself in Survival mode.

Software description

Minecraft refers to a video game where players develop, and break apart different types of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. There are two major modes of this game, that is, the Survival, and Creative. In Survival mode, it is a requirement for the players to find their own building materials, and food. Also, they interact with block-like mobs, or rather moving creatures. Among them, Zombies are creatures, are considered dangerous.

On the other hand, in Creative mode, players have the supplies readily available, and they do not depend on food to survive. Besides, they can break all types of blocks instantly.

In Minecraft, there are no levels, the main purpose is basically to build, and explore, as well as to survive. Minecraft does not have limits when it comes to the number of players. You can play it by yourself, or you can play online with others.

Moreover, the smartphone, and tablet versions provides multi-player options through WIFI networks. With the presence of internet, players can link to many Minecraft online games, or servers. Some of the games include battling other players.

Minecraft is compatible with various devices. For instance, there are versions for PCs, Macs, and Xbox 360. Furthermore, there are versions of Minecraft for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android smartphones. The game is available at different prices depending on the device you use. For the computer version, you can get the game at $26.95. The Xbox version is $ 20, or 1,600 Microsoft points. While the tablet version goes for $6.99.

You can download Minecraft from various platforms depending on the device. For example, for the Personal Computer, and Mac, you can download it from www.mjnecraft.net. For the Xbox version, you can get it at Xbox Games Store. On the other side, for the phone, and tablet version, you can buy it from the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

Minecraft has a number of features that are meaningful to the players. One of them is the End Cities, a number of players will focuses on defeating the Ender Dragon, and winning the game as their end goal. Many of them do not think to go beyond after that.

End Cities is a wonderful addition to Minecraft that enables players to continue with their play even after winning. End Cities are simply castle structures available on the surrounding islands of the End. They are only accessible after defeating the Ender Dragon. In addition, they give players a couple of extra hours in the game.

The latest feature on Minecraft is the Minecraft Caves, and Cliffs. The update comes in parts; the first part in June, and the players are expecting the second part in the coming holiday season. Minecraft Caves, and cliffs part 2 is the one players are eagerly waiting for.

This feature will include new blocks, items, and mobs such as the Warden. However, the most exciting, and finest part of the update will be the new world generation features. In addition, the users will be able to create mountains of any height, and up to Y=256. This will lead to an increase in the general world height limit. Also, there will be a number of new caves, which will go down to Y=-59; thus increasing the depth limit in the game.

Minecraft can be good for learning since is it allows for exploration, and creativity. They trigger critical thinking, problem-solving, and systems thinking, that is, learning how things work in collaboration. It focuses mainly on building, an act that can support geometry concepts. It strengthens users’ logic skills, creativity, and teamwork. Although, such kind of education depends largely on the one guiding the learning.

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