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NordVPN is an award-winning VPN (Virtual Private Network) service company. It is known for providing strong online security and privacy, and freedom on the web for its users.

Software description

NordVPN’s global userbase of over 10 Million boasts one major benefit of NordVPN , such as advanced encryption technology. NordVPN uses military-grade encryption protocols for safeguarding users’ web data, making it impossible for governments, hackers or ISPs to intercept or read it. As a result, users can surf online freely knowing their actions are secure while shopping or banking online without concerns. Furthermore, NordVPN’s global server network spans over 60 countries for easy accessibility of services and encryption .

Split Tunneling

The Split Tunneling feature lets you select which web traffic will route via the VPN and which can bypass it. This is especially useful in situations where you wish to utilize particular websites and apps . These do not require the VPN but also protect the other sensitive activities. As an example, you could redirect your online banking and related work activities via the VPN .And increase security and let non-sensitive gaming or browsing activities bypass it. Split Tunneling allows you flexibility and control of the internet’s traffic .It optimizes the performance and security according to your individual needs.

Extensive Server Network

NordVPN’s feature is its comprehensive server network spanning across 60+ countries worldwide comprising over 5,500 servers. Most geo-restrictions landing on blocked content on sites such as Netflix Hulu or BBC iPlayer are possible across the globe. Several optimized streaming servers offer an enjoyable high-speed performance leaving no time for buffering smooth operations. The distributed structure strengthens secrecy by enabling multiple locations connection protection against detection while heightening user privacy using NordVPN. This comprehensive distributed system of systems sets NordicVP apart ,rendering its name conspicuous when looking for reputable and flexible virtual private network services.

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