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Norton 360 antivirus is a leader in antivirus technology. With a powerful anti-malware engine and a wide range of security tools, Norton 360 keeps your computer and data safe and secure. Your online privacy is important, and Norton 360 has many features to protect your privacy and personal information and allow you to surf the web more securely. 

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Norton 360 is so confident they can protect your device that they offer a 45-day Money-Back Guarantee. If your device gets a virus that the Norton 360 team can’t solve, you get your money back. Norton 360 has an extensive malware directory that detects malware and other threats to your device.

When scanning for threats, you can utilize the quick scan, which takes seconds, or the full scan, which can take a bit longer. Though the scans don’t interfere with your computer, there is an option to schedule full scans so they can take place when you aren’t using your computer. Norton 360 ranges from $32.99 to $59.99 for the first year, making it an affordable option for protecting your devices from malware.

System Requirements

Norton 360 requires an operating system of Windows 7 to 10, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. Users must have a minimum of 300 MB of hard disk space and up to 1 GB of RAM, depending on your OS. Norton 360 is compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile devices, which are PCs, Macs, Androids, iPads, or iPhones.

Product Features

Real-Time Threat Protection

Norton 360 protects your device in real-time, so you can feel safe and secure as you browse the internet. This product scans for existing threats and helps protect against new threats to your device. Norton 360 uses real-time protection to catch up to 100% of the malware trying to infect your computer.


Norton 360 offers a firewall for Mac users and a Smart Firewall for PC users. Either way, you are protected against unauthorized traffic between your computer and others. Firewalls can detect network intrusions and blocks them.

Secure VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to surf the web securely and anonymously. It also allows you to access sites that may be restricted due to location or other reasons. Norton 360’s VPN has unlimited browsing data and servers in six different countries. Norton’s VPN service has a kill switch that automatically disconnects your device from the internet in the event of a VPN connection failure. This keeps your personal information safe and secure. The VPN feature uses 256-bit encryption, which is military-grade encryption designed to be impenetrable.

PC Cloud Backup

This feature is limited to PC users but is an excellent tool for backing up your files. Whether you go with Norton 360 Standard, which provides you with 10 GB of Cloud Backup storage, or go with Norton 360 Premium, which provides up to 75 GB of storage, you are covered. With PC Cloud Backup, you can schedule backups and keep your important data and information safe in the event of hard drive failures, theft, or ransomware.

Password Manager

The Password Manager feature is a handy tool for storing passwords, financial information, and addresses safely and securely. Like the secure VPN, Password Manager also uses military-grade encryption to keep your data safe from hackers and cyber predators. Norton 360 features unlimited password storage and can be synchronized across all of your devices. Auto-save and auto-fill your personal information with peace of mind with this secure feature.

Parental Controls

While this feature isn’t available for Mac users, it is a great tool for all other users. Parental Controls allow you to block certain websites, monitor your child’s online activity, and set time limits on their devices. You can also supervise searches and receive activity reports. This is a great way to protect your children from online predators and inappropriate content. This feature is only available with Deluxe and Premium purchases.

Dark Web Monitoring

This feature is available to Norton 360 users in over 20 countries. This helpful feature scans the dark web for your information, such as your driver’s license number, bank account information, credit cards, and more. If your information has somehow leaked onto the dark web, live agents will contact you with suggestions on how to keep your information safe in the future.

SafeCam for PC

If your PC has a webcam, you could be at risk of someone hacking it to invade your privacy. SafeCam for PC alerts you if someone is trying to access your webcam without permission to ensure your privacy remains intact.

LifeLock Add-On

This is an add-on and is only available in the US. Norton’s LifeLock can monitor your credit report for suspicious activity, freeze your credit if needed, and provide identity recovery assistance and legal help if your identity is stolen.


Norton 360 has several different price points; each plan provides effective and innovative protection for your devices. Norton 360 offers dark web monitoring, parental controls, and exceptional web protection to keep you and your family safe while browsing. This antivirus product provides one solution for all of your malware protection needs.

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