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In the current era, the use of technology in every aspect of our lives is widespread. Most of the activities are done online. Data and information are stored and processed on digital devices. Consequently, more private and sensitive information is communicated between parties and networks.

Protecting your family doesn’t end in the physical world anymore. Today, the need to protect your family and your home extends to the online world. As you see, there is so much content that can be accessed from the web. Unfortunately, many of these contents are harmful or inappropriate. If you need to protect your family from the web’s dangers, you should use Norton Family.

Software details

Android APK
Android / Windows PC

Software description

Norton Family Premier is highly acclaimed and reliable web family protection. It’s preloaded with so many useful features as well as strong security.

Rule objections

Your kids can also send you a message through the service regarding rules objection. If they find something that’s not supposed to be blocked, you can decide whether to let them use it or not.

Video monitor

Monitor what your kids watch online. You can regulate the types of videos and genres they can watch on YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming platforms. Unknown sites will also be reviewed as to whether the media contents it has are family-friendly or not. If not, the website will be blacklisted and not allowed to be opened on any browser or application.

Application usage

Track and decide if an application is alright to be used by your kids. It shouldn’t be only the harmful ones, but also those that provoke evil thoughts and ideas or even consume most of their time. You are in control, so your kids are in safe hands and judgment.

Extra features

There are numerous other features packed in the application. Some of these are reports, instant locking of devices, email-based security alerts, access limitations for school time allocation, and real-time location tracking of your kids.